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A Versatile Electric Bike You Can Rely On

Long range 36V 13Ah Samsung cell lithium battery that lasts up to 30 miles

Quiet and powerful 350 Watt Motor

Foldable capability for easy storage

Front and rear hydraulic/disc brakes for a smooth stop every time

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    Long range 36V 13Ah Samsung cell lithium battery that lasts up to 30 miles

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    Quiet and powerful 350 Watt Motor

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    Foldable capability for easy storage

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    Front and rear hydraulic/disc brakes for a smooth stop every time

Ness Electric Bikes

  • NO Gas
  • NO Insurance
  • NO Traffic
  • NO Sweat!
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In this fast-paced life, everyone would agree with this statement i.e. "time is money". Time is the most precious possession to a fully dedicated and busy person who can't afford to waste his time while traveling through a congested road or in a traffic jam. Electric bicycles bring forth some great benefits, including the eco-friendly environment, cost-effective solution and effortless ride. Without worrying about the hassles of keeping a bunch of documents and having a certain license, you can strike a pedal and go all the way to the nearby shopping malls, supermarket or gym, which gives you an ideal right start with the warm up exercise.

Ness Bikes is committed to improve the efficiency in your daily commute and is focus on style & performance with the sport Ebikes in Miami. Minimum speed of 20 MPH without pedaling made it a perfect option for the regular commuting purposes. It has become the first priority for the people who just love the adventurous sports or other activities on a family vacation under the lap of nature.

In Miami, you would love to become your own guide by having an ebike to cruise up and down. Explore the islands, bridges of Biscayne bay by choosing a modern commuting mode i.e. electric bikes. There are so many people preferring to rent a bike service to explore the places where they can't reach by a car or a big-size commuting mode. Thus, Ness Electric Bikes is committed to design and introduce the best features yet of a modern style ebike in Miami. We believe in putting the efforts to bring forth to you an ideal commuting mode that you can take anywhere you want. A great, yet, a feasible folding feature can allow you to take your eBike conveniently anywhere in Miami.

A perfect blend of the effective performance with style along with the reliability, high-functionality and modern style, we are introducing a much convenient commuting option to save your time and efforts equally.




Ness E-Bikes is excited to announce the launch of our new E-Bike Online Store. Also, we will be serving ebike enthusiasts in and around the Miami FL area.

Miami is considered one of the world’s most popular vacation destination spots, and small wonder. It has a temperate climate, immense natural beauty, cultural diversity, AND great electric bike opportunities!

More and more Miami residents and visitors are discovering the pleasures of ebikes in this beautiful community. The elevation in most areas is no more than 6 feet above sea level, making it easy for even modestly skilled e-bicyclists to get around.

Ness Folding Electric Bike proudly offers two models E Bikes for sale to its customers. Ness Electric Bicycle “Rua” and Ness Electric bike “Icon”. Our customer can now Buy E Bike in Miami for their quality, their ability to provide ample power boost where or desired, and for their adaptability to riders’ needs. We offer the Best Folding Electric bikes with one-year warranty.

Miami is one of the more populated communities in the United States. You can imagine the enormous number of cars on Miami’s roads. Yet Miami is also known for its year-round good air quality and clean streets. Now, imagine peddling easily along Miami’s clean streets and tour paths that crisscross the city and beach areas.

E-bikes are ideal for helping riders move quickly and safely across busy intersections (from a standing start). Riders can cover a surprising distance with ease, thanks to e-bike’s power boosting abilities. Other riders simply use that power boost as needed and rely on their own peddling power for the majority of their trip.

Ness Folding EBikes is ready to help you get started on your own e-bike travels. We stand by our products and want to ensure that you have safe and happy journeys.

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