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NYCeWheels Electric Brompton Review

If you are an urban commuter or cyclist, you must know the perils and the frustrations, as well of the joys of city biking. And if you’re searching for an electric bike that is also foldable that is able to withstand such an environment, you will want to go with a company that has inside knowledge. NYCeWheels is a company right out of Manhattan, New York, so you can be assured that they understand a high-density urban environment. NYCeWheels has produced the Electric Brompton, a custom-built frame that is sturdy yet light, and made of very high quality materials. The ebikes will also fold easily and properly when you remove the battery pack. As stated before, NYCeWheels understands urban environments, and they understand that certain weather conditions and overuse can wreck havoc on certain roads, leading to bumps, cracks and potholes. Cycling over these types of roads can be aggravating, but thankfully the Electric Brompton has some features that minimize this problem. The ebike has a rear suspension block that absorbs the shock from bumpy roads, and leads you to feel more comfortable. Although the Electric Brompton has narrow wheels that may not do the best riding over cracks, the wheels are very efficient, and will help you stay at a steady speed.

A very important part of any electric ebike is the motor, and the one on the Electric Brompton is suitable for its smaller size. The motor has 250 Watts of power, but is able to manage a peak output at 400 Watts. The benefit of this motor is that it is gearless, and thus will make very little noise. This is very beneficial to the rider that prefers a more peaceful ride for an early morning commute, or a ride out of the city. The motor is located in the front wheel to accommodate the speed hub on the rear wheel, but the location of the motor may affect steering slightly as it adds more weight to the front of the ebike. The speed hub contains three speeds, which isn’t incredible, but it is quite decent for the size of the Electric Brompton. However, it is definitely superior to the foldable ebikes companies that try to reduce costs by only producing single-speed ebikes.

Perhaps the most instrumental part of an electric bike is the battery, and the one from Electric Brompton offers a very reliable and quality battery. The battery pack is made by the company Sanyo, and is developed by using Lithium polymer chemistry, which contributes to the battery keeping a light weight. The battery is also designed to be long-lasting, but there’s a six-month warranty on the battery in case there are any complications in the first few months. The battery has 36 volts, but interestingly enough, the battery allows for five different options of amp hours, ranging from 5.2 amp hours to 15 amp hours. If you’re travelling with the ebike on a plane and you’re worried about the battery passing through security, there’s no need to fear. For the Electric Brompton you have the option of using the battery as a split-pack, and therefore it’s legal for taking on planes. The downside to the battery that users commented on was the fact that when the battery was taken out of the pack, the wires are exposed. However, as the batteries are contained in a battery bag, you have the option of using a battery that isn’t the original as well. The bag also has some room for some personal belongings as well.

Once your battery is charged and you’re ready to cycle, all you need to do is plug in the battery and press the power button on the LCD display. Having a LCD display is very valuable, as many other ebikes companies produce ebikes that only use a few LED lights to signify some information in order to cut costs. However, having a LCD display is able to show you more varied and accurate information. Once you turn on the display, it will light up and reveal to you what the battery level is on. The power mode will also be shown, and you have three different modes to choose from. Unfortunately, the Electric Brompton doesn’t come with any levels of pedal assist, but it does come with a throttle mode. The throttle mode can be very effective for steep hills, high winds, and tired legs. The throttle mode can be operated by using a trigger on the left side handlebar, and from there you are ready to go. If you are concerned about your fitness or just curious, there is no speed readout, unfortunately. Another downside is that the brake levers don’t automatically cut power to the motor, which may leave you in a confusing situation if you forget to release the trigger throttle.

Overall, you are getting a high-quality ebike that is also small in size, perfect for urbanites or those that just want a collapsible ebike that will fit into small spaces. If you’re looking for a company that has experience in an urban environment, then go with the Electric Brompton.

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