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Fantastic Ness Electric Bicycle

With many electric ebikes on the market, it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you have simplistic needs and don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with very expensive ebikes. However, there are ebikes on the market that are also folding and can offer minimal needs without all the add-ons and frivolous accessories. One of those ebikes is the E-Mazing Innovations B.O.B. and it comes at a budget-friendly price of $1,199. However, one of the compromises that this ebike has to make is that it is only single-speed. Having a single-speed ebike isn’t the most conducive for maximizing pedaling speed, yet it does help with maintenance over time. A single-speed system means that there are less gears, and thus need less attention over time, saving you money as well. Yet one of the main benefits of the B.O.B. is that it is very lightweight, weighing just 35 pounds. Many full-sized bicycles weigh upwards of 50 pounds, which can be quite difficult to drag around, carry upstairs, or transport with you on your commute. Thus the B.O.B. is the perfect folding ebike to take with you on the train, bus, or store in your boat or RV.

If you’re hoping for the B.O.B. to reach top speeds, unfortunately it will only reach a maximum speed of about 15 miles per hour. Many other folding ebikes on the market will be able to go 20 miles per hour or more, but if speed doesn’t bother you, then the B.O.B. would still be a great choice for you. It also comes with pedal assist and a throttle mode (that is operated by a twist mechanism), which are quite standard with electric bicycles nowadays. Pedal assist and throttle mode are great features for a person on their commute, especially if they’re wearing nice clothing and want it to remain that way. Pedal assist and throttle mode will also help assist you in climbing hills, cycling against the wind, or just giving you some relief if your legs are tired. However, users also stated the design of the B.O.B. wasn’t really in tune with the simplicity of the ebike, and thus wasn’t very aesthetically-appealing. Yet for most people that isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, as it doesn’t affect the performance of the ebike. In terms of a weight limit for the B.O.B., the ebike can support riders up to 220 pounds, which is quite standard.

On an electric ebike, the driving system is quite important, and one of the most important features is the motor, as it will depend on how much power is offered to you as you ride. The motor on the B.O.B. has 250 Watts and is located in the front. As the B.O.B. has relatively small wheels, in conjunction with the motor it creates a mechanical advantage that allows for greater torque, and thus greater leverage and climbing power when riding. However, in comparison with other folding electric bicycles on the market, the motor size on the B.O.B. is quite small, as others will often have 350 Watt motors, or even 500 Watt motors that allow for more power and better climbing power. As a part of the driving system, the B.O.B. also has a battery that works alongside of the motor. The battery has 36 volts of power, and 9 amp hours, which is quite good for a ebike of this size. The battery uses Lithium ions, where are known for being long-lasting and lightweight, which helps in reducing the overall weight of the ebike. However, even though the battery chemistry is designed for lasting, it is a good idea to store the battery in optimal conditions. Those include storing in a place that isn’t extremely hot or extremely cold, and making sure that the environment is not humid but mainly dry. Also, keeping it charged between 20 and 80% is the best way to avoid disrupting the cells inside of the battery.

Besides the main features, the ebike also includes some worthy accessories that can help to make your cycling journeys a bit easier. The B.O.B. includes a kickstand that can help when you are parking your ebike somewhere and want it to stay upright. The ebike also includes fenders and a chain protector, which are great at keeping you and your clothing as clean as possible. However, it doesn’t have any lights (integrated or not) that can help with visibility and safety. Also, it does not have a water bottle cage or any type of similar storage that can help support you on days that are very hot. Also, if you are in need or replacement parts, many of the parts used on the B.O.B. are not standard, and thus the ebike will be more difficult to service. Yet overall the B.O.B. is a fantastic small ebike that is perfect for the person with simplistic commuting or traveling needs.

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