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Best Folding Electric Bikes

Daymak New Yorker Review

If you’re considering an electric bike that is also foldable, but the bikes that you considered all seemed very heavy to you, or they lacked the ability to be super compact, there is a solution for you. The New Yorker bike by Daymak is very light compared to similar models, only 37 pounds with the battery included. It will also fold into a compact space, as the pedals fold in, the stem can be minimized and folded, and the front wheel can also come off without the need for tools. This makes the New Yorker perfect if you happen to store it on a boat or RV, or if you just have a small apartment with limited space. For all of this convenience, you will only pay around $1,500 for the New Yorker, which is an incredible bargain. Some other aspects of the bike that are incredibly handy are the plastic fenders, the ergonomic handles, a rear carry rack, two lights, and a bell, which is helpful to alert other pedestrians and cyclists of your presence. Although the lights are not integrated (meaning they require their own batteries rather than relying on the bike’s battery) they are still very useful from the point of safety. Having lights on the bike can help you navigate your route when it’s dark outside, and it also reveals to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians that you are close by.
To keep the bike at a low weight, the manufacturer had to use a smaller motor, at about 250 Watts (whereas newer electric bikes are using motors of 350 Watts). However, because the motor is built next to smaller wheels, you will be getting more leverage, and therefore better assistance with climbing hills than you would with larger wheels. In case anything would happen to the motor, you have the assurance of a one-year warranty (with the coverage extending to the frame as well) and a six-month warranty for the battery. Another feature to help you climb hills or combat the wind, is the pedal assist, which offers five levels so you can determine how much of your own effort you want to use. There is also a twist throttle mode, which is helpful when you need to get somewhere very quickly. If you’re nervous about using the twist throttle mode, there’s no need to worry as you can easily shut if off completely, or you can use it to override pedal assist.
The official top speed of the bike is about 15.5 mph, but users often pointed out that they could ride a little faster than that as well, depending on the weight of the user. This makes the New Yorker a great commuter e-bike by delivering fast speeds, while still being small enough to fold and lift easily. While some motors can be fairly loud, the New Yorker’s motor is quite quiet, which will help you enjoy your ride even more without any annoying distractions from the bike. Aesthetically, the motor fits in with the adjacent parts of the bike, as it is painted black. Another nice thing about the New York is that it has seven pedaling speeds, giving you more options at what pedal speed you would like to be at. The amount of pedal speeds available is quite good compared to similar electric-bikes, as some don’t even have speed options, but run as single-speed bikes. The seven pedaling speeds could even get you to 20 mph under the right conditions.
The battery on the New Yorker has 36 volts, which is an upgrade from 24 volts, allowing the rider to have more optimal speeds and increased power while riding. The battery is securely located in the downtube of the bike, so that there’s less of a risk of someone stealing it. Yet because of its more secure position, the battery can only be taken out when the bike is folded. When the battery is out of the bike, storing in a cool, dry location will help extend its life to the fullest, while avoiding very cold or hot conditions for storage. If anything were to happen to the battery, remember that you have a six-month warranty that goes with it, and Daymak sells replacement parts if you are past your warranty date.
Another feature that is useful is the LCD display on the New Yorker. The display shows the battery charge level, the current speed you’re riding at, your assist level, and an odometer (which shows how far you’ve gone). The New Yorker’s LCD display goes beyond what other e-bikes are offering, and as you adjust pedal assist and throttle mode, this will also be displayed, leaving out any of the guesswork. Although the New Yorker may not have all the features of a more expensive bike (like metal fenders that are less affected by the elements), it contains so many helpful features and accessories at a reasonable price, you would be hard-pressed to find something similar at such a low weight.

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