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In the world of collapsible electric ebikes, there are some cheaper options, but you may wonder if such ebikes have to compromise on quality in order to keep their prices down. However, ebikes like the e-Joe Epik Lite have been able to keep their prices low while still delivering excellent parts and not skimping on accessories. The accessories include front and rear fenders and a front and rear light (the front light is integrated and is powered from the batter y pack, while the rear light is not). Amazingly enough, it is also very lightweight, at only 37 pounds, which is perfect for the person that has a two-part commute, and needs to carry the ebike onto the bus or train to get to work. And if you would like the ebike to be even lighter, the battery is easily removable, and will therefore lessen the weight of the ebike. The Epik Lite also has the standard features that you would expect from an electric ebike, such as three levels of pedal assist, and a throttle mode which can be operated by a trigger. And if you’re worried about the size of the ebike and if it will be able to support you, rest assured that the Epik Lite is able to support a person up to 300 pounds. Of course a folding ebike model won’t be as supportive as a full-size ebike, but you should be able to ride comfortably most places. Also, if you think that an ebike at such a budget-friendly price wouldn’t offer a warranty, think again. The Epik Lite offers a one-year warranty that is comprehensive (meaning it covers everything), and there’s also a refund available within 30 days if the ebike isn’t up to your expectations.

With a folding ebike that is also budget-friendly, you may be expecting a motor that has a smaller output. However, the one on the Epik Lite is fairly standard at 350 Watts, and even has a peak output of 520 Watts! This is because the motor is geared and is in the rear hub, which is a perfect location for gaining traction and climbing those difficult hills you may struggle with on your own without the use of a motor. Unfortunately, the Epik Lite has a top speed of only 15.5 miles per hour, whereas other small ebikes can produce top speeds of 20 miles per hour or more. This may be because of the wheels not being stable enough at higher speeds. But lower speeds aren’t necessarily bad; they can help extend the range that you’re planning to cycle, and can also help the motor from overheating if you are carrying a lot of extra things on the ebike, like groceries.

The part of an electric ebike that you rely upon quite heavily is the battery. The Epik Lite has a battery pack that uses Lithium polymer chemistry, and has 36 volts and 7 amp hours, which is quite good for a smaller-sized ebike. Even thought the battery is covered in the comprehensive warranty, it is a good idea to take meticulous care of it as well, in order to maximize its life as much as possible. To do so, you need to keep the battery in optimal conditions which include avoiding extreme heat and cold, and storing it in a dry place (as opposed to a humid environment). The battery should also be charged between 20 and 80% in order preserve the cells inside the battery, and make sure to avoid getting the battery to a critically low level. When you charge the battery you can do so by removing the battery from the ebike, which is much easier than dragging the whole ebike to an outlet.

The Epik Lite may not have a sparkling LCD display, but it does have several features that are intuitive and easy-to-use. There’s an indicator that shows you what level the battery is at, which is especially helpful when you’re going on longer rides. There’s also a button that allows you to choose what level of pedal assist you would like, as well as a switch where you can turn on and off the throttle mode. You can actually switch on the throttle mode from pedal assist, which makes riding more streamlined and easier on the joints. If you are interested in design, you will be pleased to know the Epik Lite has three different colors to choose depending on your preference. And while the ebike doesn’t come in different sizes, you can adjust the seat height and the handlebars as well.

Overall, you would be hard-pressed to find a collapsible ebike that is as affordable, as well-designed, and has such high-quality parts as well. If you’re a commuter that takes different modes of transportation (i.e. cycles for the first portion and takes the train for the second), this ebike may be the best fit for you. However, anyone would find the Epik Lite to be beneficial for everyday life.


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