Coolest Folding eBikes reviews by Ness ebikes
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Coolest Folding eBikes reviews by Ness ebikes

The Best Fold-able E-bikes 

Revelo Flex Review

If you’ve been searching for a foldable and electric bike that it ultra-portable, but have found that many of the ones on the market are heavier than you would desire, there is another option you can try. The Revelo Flex bike is incredibly light at 33 pounds, and is much easier to carry or travel with than a standard-sized bike. For example, if you are a commuter and you’re cycling up to the train station, but need to carry your bike the last few miles on the train, the Flex will be much more convenient than dragging around a full-size bike. Another scenario where the Flex would be beneficial is if you own a boat or RV and would like to cycle around the place you are positioned, the Revelo Flex would be the perfect bike to stow away into small places. One of the ways that the Flex keeps its weight down is by forgoing a chain with gears, and instead uses a single-speed system. This means that there will be fewer repairs down the road (and less of a chance of getting clothing stuck in the chain!), although many people do prefer the multi-speed system, as you can ride with greater efficiency, and often at a faster speed.
Although the Flex comes with many benefits from being at a low weight, it also means that you should probably stick to smoother roads, as the small wheels aren’t going to protect from the shock of bumpy and rough roads. However, the Flex does have a suspension seat post can help you if do happen to have a rough bit of pavement on your commute to work. Yet if anything were to happen to the Flex during the first year of use, you are covered by a one-year warranty! You also have four color choices, so you don’t have to stick with one kind of colored model only.
The Flex has a smaller motor of about 250 Watts (compared to other models that are now introducing motors with 350 Watts) to keep the weight of the bike down, but as the motor is located near to the small wheels, this produces a mechanical advantage that allows the bike to go faster with more power than it otherwise would. However, this mechanical advantage only goes so far, as the top speed reaches around 17.4 mph, yet compared to bikes of similar sizes that only reach around 15 mph, the Flex does quite well. If you want to use the throttle mode on the Flex, there is an easy trigger near the right grip, and there are also motor inhibitors built into the brake levers, so it will be easy to start and shut off the throttle mode.
The battery of the Flex is on the smaller size and encased just behind the seat post. Compared to other bikes that use a similar battery, the one on the Flex is in a strategic place that doesn’t inhibit seat post position, nor does it make the folding process difficult. The one feature of the battery on the Flex that users may complain about is that the key has to be left in, in order for the bike to be powered. But to compensate for this, the head of the key can be folded, and will then be protected and covered by the frame when the whole bike is folded. The battery itself is technologically advanced, as it uses Lithium-ions, which are well-known for lasting a long time and being lightweight. Revelo believes in the quality of the battery so well, that they offer a one-year warranty for the battery, and will sell you a replacement after the warranty ends. An important tip for preserving the life of your battery is to leave it in a cool, dry place when you’re not using it. Also, if you decide not to use the battery for a prolonged period of time, leave the battery half-charged, as this will help preserve the cells inside the battery for longer.
When you turn on the Flex, you will see the simple display that has three LED lights showing the charging capacity. This is where some users may be hesitant in purchasing the Flex. Similar e-bikes will have a LCD display that includes speed, distance, time, and perhaps even levels of pedal assist. Another positive aspect of having a LCD display is the ability to see a more exact battery reading, which will help you avoid difficult situations where the battery runs out on you on your way to work, or somewhere else you need to rush to. Although, if you buy the Pro or Expert version of the Flex, you will receive the LCD display with a USB charging port to keep your device working at all times, even during your commute. Conclusively, the Flex is a bit more expensive than some of the competing folding e-bikes, but if you are adamant about having an e-bike that is lightweight and incredibly portable, then the Flex will be sure to surpass your needs and desires.

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