e-bicycle review by Ness ebikes
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e-bicycle review by Ness ebikes

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Motiv Stash Review

Motiv electric bikes have been around for a while, but they have now introduced their first foldable model, the Stash. Unlike similar models by other manufacturers, Motiv keeps the Stash bike at a low price, at about $1,549, with the option of paying an extra $99 for the rack, fenders, and light kit. Design-wise, it isn’t the lightest e-bike on the market (at around 45 pounds), but is comfortable enough to carry around compared to other heavier models. The Stash comes in black with a curved top tube, creating a pleasing aesthetic. Even the accessories and features that come with the Stash are in black as well so that everything blends in, even the wires. Yet the emphasis on design does not threaten the comfort of the Stash, as it has oversized tires and a padded gel seat that lets you experience ease while cycling. If you’re cycling on bumpy or rough streets or ground, these things will help absorb the shock. The gel seat is also extra-long allowing for more leg room, especially helpful if you are taller than average person.

In order to keep the weight down, many electric bike manufacturers tend to put a less powerful motor onto their bikes, therefore compromising on power. However, the Stash bike uses a 350 Watt motor, and when combined with the Stash’s smaller wheel size, this allows for even more power. Not only is the motor powerful, but it also very responsive to the built-in features. The bike has five levels of assist (which is incredibly helpful for differing elevations, weather conditions, and terrain) as well as a throttle mode, which you can easily override. The brake levers are also work extremely well in this area, as they have an integrated motor kill switch. The brake levers also incorporate comfort as they are rubber-lined, and interestingly enough, there’s also an integrated bell near the left lever. Other electric bikes do not have such a streamlined aspect to their bells, and the one on the Stash has a loud enough sound to signal the attention of the intended person.

Another great aspect of the bike is that it has a control panel that you can easily interact with, and to the right of the display is thumb shifter used to change speeds. Incredibly, the Stash has seven speeds to choose from, making pedaling a lot easier and more convenient. Motiv has also worked really hard with other aspects of design and functionality to provide you with the best model. For example, the battery can be charged on or off the bike, and it can also be switched off when it is on the bike to prevent people from messing about with the display. Not only does the design of the bike give you multiple charging options for the battery, but it also gives you options for charging your phone or device. There’s a USB port that you can actually use while riding, which is immensely useful if you forgot to charge your phone at home before a meeting, but are still able to use the phone because of the USB port on the Stash. Other companies may create bikes that also have USB ports, but the one on the Stash is conveniently placed so that you don’t have to deal with wires that get in your way while pedaling.

Another fabulous aspect of the pedals that come with the Stash is that they are folding, which is great for more effective storage. However, they are made of plastic, which is not the best option compared to metal pedals that will be able to stand up to wear and tear. Yet the quality of the pedals is a trade-off for the Stash to maintain its low price and weight. Another trade-off to maintain its low price is the extra $99 you need to spend to secure the lights, fenders, and rack. Adding the lights is a great tool to have for safety, so that your visibility increases and others on the road can see you as well. A rack is a great tool for carrying supplies, such as a briefcase or backpack on the way to work. And fenders are useful for helping protect you and your clothing from the dirt and water along the road. Lastly, the Stash is able to fold down easily and quickly, however, it doesn’t have anything that will keep it together like a bungee cord, so consider buying a cord if you purchase the Stash.

The Stash is a fabulous, reasonably-priced foldable electric bike that is built for power on a well-designed structure. With its larger motor and smaller wheels, you should have no problem powering up those large hills, comfortable the entire way. And best of all, Motiv offers a one-year warranty for this bike, so you have nothing to lose by investing in an electric bike that was created with so much care and attention to detail.

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