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Energie Cycles Excursion 2.0 Review

If you are looking for a collapsible bike that is also electric, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by what’s available. Many of the folding e-bikes on the market are high-end and can be very expensive. However, the Excursion 2.0 by Energie Cycles is a serious contender, while being at a budget price of around $1,000. The Excursion 2.0 has a nice, sleek design as most of the wires are hidden under the frame. The same goes with the battery, as it is hidden in the downtube of the e-bike where it can be protected against the weather and from people that may want to steal it. If you’re a bit nervous about taking this bike through rougher paths or streets, because you fear that you will bounce from all the friction, you don’t need to worry. The Excursion 2.0 has an oversized saddle, short-travel suspension fork, and ergonomic handles to keep you as comfortable as possible while reducing the shock from riding on bumpier paths.

Some may be a bit disappointed that the motor is smaller (it has 250 Watts compared to other models that have upgraded to 350 Watts), but users stated that the motor was powerful enough to get the job done. Another possible negative of this e-bike is that it only has one pedaling speed, which can limit pedaling efficiency. However, there are several pedal assist modes (nine to be exact) and a throttle mode that will only work if you are on one of the pedal assist modes. Powering this entire folding e-bike is a 36 Volt 6.6 amp hour battery. The great thing about it is that you can easily remove it from the downtube of the bike if you want to decrease some of the weight of the bike when carrying it around, or if you want to charge the battery on its own. If you decide to not use the Excursion 2.0 for a certain amount of time (let’s say 2 months or so), there are some practical tips for storing your battery so that it can maintain its life as long as possible. One tip is to avoid storing it in very hot or very cold conditions. Also, do your best to keep the battery charged at a level of 20% at least. The battery comes with an estimate that it should last you over 1,000 charges at optimal quality. However, if anything were to happen to the battery, there’s a 2-year comprehensive warranty, so you would be able to get the battery replaced in those first two years, or order new parts afterwards.

After you have charged the battery sufficiently (which you can do separate from the bike or while it is mounted), you are now ready to operate the Excursion 2.0. To start, you will need to press the button that says “Mode” on the control panel, and then a display will read different statistics for speed, assist level, range, and watts. This is a really innovative tool for a budget foldable e-bike, as many of the budget models will try to decrease the price by eliminating a display and going for a few LED lights that may signify battery level or pedal assist. By having the display, it really sets the Excursion 2.0 apart from other e-bikes at its price level. However, the display can be swiveled or removed, so you may get a bit of glare, but since the text is large enough it shouldn’t be a massive problem. Once you’re ready to go, you’ll notice that the bike’s default mode is to start on pedal assist level three, so you can start pedaling right away or you can engage the throttle mode if you desire to do so. Because there are nine levels of pedal assist on the Excursion 2.0, you should be able to find a comfortable level of pedaling for any sort of condition or elevation.

Another great aspect of the Excursion 2.0 is that is also includes some extras. Similar budget e-bikes will not include the extras in order to costs down, but most people find that they will need to buy them later anyways. One of the extras that this foldable e-bike has is a rear rack. If you are a commuter and carrying many things with you to work, a rack is definitely an essential accessory for your bike. Or perhaps you use your e-bike to go to the grocery store or farmer’s market, and you need to haul all of your items back home. A rack is incredibly necessary for these sorts of trips, and you also won’t need to carry items in a backpack on your back that can lead to a lot of strain.

Overall, the Excursion 2.0 is a revolutionary bike in the way that it includes so many quality parts and accessories, while still being convenient and priced very reasonably. So if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the foldable e-bikes out there, perhaps the Excursion 2.0 could be the right fit for you.

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