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If you’re looking for a folding electric bicycle, you may have been perusing your local ebike shops to see if there’s a ebike that would suit you the best. But going to a shop isn’t the only option. Almost all ebikes produced by ProdecoTech are sold online, bypassing the middle man and delivering that savings onto you. One of the folding ebikes from ProdecoTech is the Mariner 7, and since it is ordered to you online, you will need to put it together. A possible negative of this type of transaction is that it can be more difficult to have the ebike serviced since it was purchased online. Also, you won’t be able to test ride it as you would if purchased from a shop. However, the ebike does come with a two-year comprehensive warranty (meaning it covers anything), so you don’t need to worry if something does happen to the ebike. Also, there’s a thirty day replacement period, so if you’re not satisfied within the first thirty days, you will be able to return it. The Mariner 7 itself has 8 speeds available, which is a fantastic offering as similar models may only be single-speed. Having more pedaling speeds means that you can maximize your pedaling efficiency, and thus you can go further than you would otherwise.

At an affordable price of $1,399, you may be questioning the power of the motor. Yet there’s no need to, as the motor on the Mariner 7 is a solid 300 Watts, and is able to produce a peak output of 500 Watts as well, which is incredible! The motor is also geared which means that you get more torque, which is really beneficial when you’re climbing hills. However, given that the frame is on the smaller size, this type of folding ebike would work the best for riders that are 200 pounds or under. However, a geared motor also does have some disadvantages. For one, it can be much louder than a gearless motor. Having a loud motor can be quite disrupting, especially for the cyclist that likes to minimize any noise they have during their commute, or for the person that prefers tranquil rides in the park on the weekends. A geared motor also contains more parts than a gearless motor, so it will require more maintenance and repair over time. However, when looking again at the two-year warranty, you should be fully covered if anything were to happen to the motor in that period of time.

The battery that works alongside the motor in the driving system is fairly standard, at 38.4 volts of power and 9 amp hours of range. This range can power up the ebike to around 35 miles in optimal conditions, which should be able to cover most short-distance treks. Whereas many other ebikes use batteries that have Lithium ion technology, the one on the Mariner 7 uses Lithium Iron Phosphate. This type of technology offers more cycles than other Lithium ion batteries, but it also ends up being much heavier, which contributes to the overall heaviness of the ebike. Nevertheless, the two-year warranty also applies to the battery, so you shouldn’t have any worries during this time. But to make sure that you keep cycling without any interruptions because of battery trouble, it is a good idea to take adequate care of the battery. This includes storing the battery in conditions that avoid extreme hot and extreme cold. Also, keeping it conditions that are dry rather than humid is also beneficial. Lastly, when you are charging the battery or keeping an eye on its battery level, try to charge and keep it between 20 and 80%, as this will avoid disrupting the battery’s cells.

As the Mariner 7 is heavier than many other folding ebikes, it can a bit more cumbersome to fold than it would be for a lighter one. However, the battery is removable so this makes the process a bit easier. Also, if you’re carrying the Mariner 7 around or up stairs, removing the battery can also help to relieve you of some of the extra weight. Looking at some of the other features of the ebike, you will notice that the pedals are made of plastic, and therefore not as stiff as metal ones. However, plastic pedal are more prone to chipping and incurring damage, so keep an eye out if you’re riding on rougher roads or paths. Also, to ensure that the rider stays comfortable, within the design of the ebike is a front shock as well as a seat post shock. Both features help to minimize the bumpiness felt from roads that aren’t so smooth. Overall, the Mariner 7 will need some substantial updates to keep up with other modern folding ebikes (such as those incorporating pedal assist), but for a relatively low price the Mariner 7 still does quite well, and should be suitable for most people.

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