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eBike Review by Ness Electric Bikes

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ElectroBike Alfa+ Review


You may have seen people in the city cruising through the streets with ease on their electric bikes, soaring by those pedaling difficulty. Or you may have seen the interesting scenario where a person after riding, actually folds up their bike and carries it into their office. You may be wondering if bikes with such advances would also have an outrageous price tag. However, there are some models that are designed to fit the frugal in the mind, and the model Alfa+ by ElectroBike is one of those. The relatively inexpensive price may alert you, and you may wonder if there’s also a lack of quality. However, the Alfa+ has some great features which will be sure to entice you. For instance, the wheels are slightly smaller than the average electric bike, so the advantage is that it is easier to fold than other foldable bikes, which is great when you’re in a hurry. Another great feature is that the tires are larger than average (just over 2 inches), which really comes in handy when you’re riding over rough terrain, or even just riding on city streets that have cracks and potholes. On rough ground, the larger tires absorb more of the shock (along with the suspension fork), leaving you to enjoy a more comfortable ride.


When cycling, a key factor to enjoying the activity is comfort. Many bicycles come with uncomfortable seats, which can lead you to finishing your ride much sooner than you wanted. One of the great attributes with the Alfa+ is that it has a name brand gel saddle that will offer the maximum amount of comfort you could imagine. Also, another problem that you can encounter when going for bike rides is that your arms and wrists may tire from holding on to the handles. Alfa+ also has a great feature to counter wrist fatigue, which is an ergonomic but firm design to their handles. If you’re looking for incredibly fast speeds, Alfa+ can only offer 20 mph or so, but unlike other electric bikes that are single-speed, the Alfa+ has six speeds to choose from, making pedaling more comfortable and more selective as well.


The Alfa+ is a great option for someone that doesn’t necessarily need the smallest electric bike on the market, but are looking for something on the smaller end of the spectrum, and one that also weighs a bit less. Its smaller size also means that it is incredibly compact, and a perfect option for someone that has limited storage. Let’s say you own a boat, RV, or trailer, and you are inclined to go cycling near to where your unit is located, but you don’t have a lot of space to house a full-size bicycle or electric bicycle. In that case, the Alfa+ is a great option, and will conveniently fold away so that you can use the space in your boat, RV, or trailer for other things. Or perhaps you have a small apartment many flights up, and you dread taking your normal bicycle up so many flights. Again, the Alfa+ is a great option for those that have a living situation like this, as full-size bikes can be incredibly cumbersome to take up stairs, and if you house it in your apartment there is often not much room for anything else.


Another great feature of the Alfa+ is that it has an integrated front light, as well as a back light that is independent. If you ride at night, or even if you are just commuting back from work in the winter, having lights are imperative to staying safe so that you know where you’re going and that other cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers can see you as well. Although the Alfa+ is full of outstanding features, it does have some less than stellar ones as well, according to those that have been able to test the bike. The battery pack on the Alfa+ is a bit cumbersome, as it requires a key to be left in the battery pack during a ride, and also requires another key to unlock the battery. Users also found that sliding it in and out again of its placement on the bike wasn’t an easy task. Also, other electric bikes may have the full LCD display which is full of statistics that let you know exactly the speed at which you are going, among other attributes. However, the Alfa+ only shows the battery capacity and assist level. Also, some have found the brakes on the Alfa+ to be less effective and require more effort to reach a stop, however it was noted that the front brake is more responsive than the rear brake.


With only a few minor negative notes about the Alfa+, its positives speak volumes, and even more because it is marked at an incredibly low price! $1,000 is definitely a steal, and you’ll be overjoyed to receive a high-quality and highly functional e-bike such as Alfa+.

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