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ElectroBike Magnos Review


Perhaps you want to get back into cycling, but your fitness isn’t at an ideal level, and you want something that would help you in your pursuit. Or maybe you just want a quick and easy way to get to work as an alternative to wasting money on fuel while commuting in a car, or having to deal with public transportation. Or even if you don’t fit either of these descriptions, having an electric bike that is also foldable is incredibly useful and efficient. One of the best models on the market for foldable electric bikes is the ElectroBike Magnos (or it can be referred to as Magnos as well). Compared to other models it is very affordable, at around $1,300, with a one-year warranty included as well! ElectroBike, the company, actually came out of Mexico in 2012, but they’ve expanded their market to include the US as well.


One of the great things about this model is that it comes with a plethora of high-quality features, like fenders, integrated lights, and racks. For many other models these types of features may cost extra, but the Magnos bike has them installed so you don’t need to worry. Many other electric bikes are now coming out with motors of 350 Watts, but the Magnos keeps the motor at 250 Watts. However, the smaller motor does not impede performance, and it is actually located near the rear wheel, which helps with protection against the elements. The other facet of electric bikes that is important to look at is this battery. The battery on the Magnos contains 36 volts of power, and is located just behind the tube. It’s also simple to remove for the times that you need to charge it.


Some electric bikes will show the read-out for the battery level and speed with simple LED lights, but the great thing about the Magnos is that it has its own LCD display with shows battery level, speed, distance travelled, as well as some other statistics. The LCD display is a great tool so that you can prevent a situation where the battery runs out, and if you are monitoring your fitness, the statistics on speed and distance travelled are incredibly handy as well. The LCD screen cannot be removed, but it is small in size, and the color blends in with the frame so it doesn’t clash with the overall aesthetic of the bike. Also, for the times that you are struggling while cycling, whether you are going up a hill or battling against the wind, there are a couple of features on the Magnos that will truly help you. The Magnos has a throttle mode, which will help propel you forward, and allow you to stop pedaling if you wish. The bike also has pedal assist which provides power only while you’re cycling, but can be a great tool in different circumstances.


For those that care about the look and the style of the bike, there are some options depending on your preferences. One of the colors it comes in is metallic grey with some red attributes, and the other color is matte black. If you’re worried that the darker colors that the bike comes in aren’t the best choices for increased visibility when riding on the road, have no fear. The bike happens to come with integrated lights that run off the main battery, which is extremely useful and allows for maximum visibility, especially at night and in compromising weather conditions. Other models don’t often include the integrated lights, and it can be difficult to find alternative parts that match with your bike. Thankfully the Magnos took the guesswork out for a more streamlined look, while promoting safety while cycling.


If you are going to ride in an environment that doesn’t have the completely smooth roads, there’s no need to worry, as the Magnos has cast metallic wheels that allow for extra strength and support when riding around on roads or pathways that may have some obstructions along the way. Another nice attribute is that the fenders on the bike are plastic and full-length as opposed to fenders that have only half-length. The full-length fenders are great for protecting you and your clothing against the dirt and water on the road, which can be very handy when you are commuting on your way to work. Also, other electric bicycles are starting to use plastic pedals more and more, but plastic pedals are often prone to chipping and breaking. The Magnos has aluminum alloy pedals that have the strength to withstand running into something, and will also deliver more power.


Although the Magnos may not suit everyone as it has a smaller motor than other electric bikes and it’s heavier with many of its metal parts, the Magnos electric bike is a great product. In the way it was created, it will be sure to withstand several different circumstances that could end the life of other bikes. So the next time you are considering a foldable electric-bike, be sure to try the Magnos.

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