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Enzo Ebike Review

The Enzo Ebike was updated this year to include more amenities to make your bike ride more comfortable. The bike changed to include a new braking system (hydraulic disc brakes), wider and softer tires, a 7 speed drivetrain (to get you moving at faster speeds if you desire), reflective sidewall stripes, a gel saddle that is meant to give you more comfort (especially on bumpy and rough roads), a USB charger (which is great if your phone is out of battery on the way to work or to an event), and a new and improved LCD display. All of these upgrades amazingly have not affected the price of the Enzo, but have only improved the quality and the reliability of the bike.
There’s a fabulous feature of the bike that is especially helpful if you are cycling in the rain a lot, or if you store your e-bike on a boat, is that the Enzo has been designed to resist rust. The bike incorporates a variety of metal, as well as plastic and rubber in strategic points to prevent the development of rust while still having parts strong enough for daily use. For example, the wheels on the Enzo are made with cast magnesium, which are rust-resistant and stronger than other metals or metal alloys. Another aspect of the bike that is helpful, especially in terms of daily or frequent use, is the full-length fenders. Other bikes and certainly e-bikes may only have partial fenders or no fenders at all. This can increase the risk that clothing gets caught in the gears or your skin gets scratched rubbing against the chain, and it also means that you are more susceptible to elements from the ground (such as water and dirt) getting on to your person and your clothes. So the fact that the Enzo has full-length fenders means that you are protected from a variety of things that could ruin your day, especially if you are on the way to work.
Another aspect of the bike that will help you tremendously is the integrated front light. This means that the light runs off the bike’s battery, so that you don’t need to buy individual batteries. However, the rear light is not integrated, so you will need to buy batteries for the rear light. Yet both lights combined provide you with a level of safety you wouldn’t get otherwise. For example, if you are cycling at night, your safety is compromised on busy roads with cars going at fast speeds. But if you have lights in the front and in the rear, it means that cars passing you and cars opposite of you will be able to see you, preventing any possible accidents.
If you like to have a bit of choice when it comes to picking the color of your bike, that you’re in for a treat, as the Enzo has five different colors you can choose from. And with all the amazing features that were listed earlier, its $1,700 price tag is quite a deal. Another fun feature of almost all the colors (except for black) is that they glow in the dark. Not only cool to look at, it can also be an extra safety feature, as you will have even more visibility at night, alongside the LED lights. Another fun feature of the bike is that there’s a pump built into the seat post, an ingenious idea for when your tires are looking a bit flat, but you’re not close to home or to an area where you could easily pump up your tires. The bike also has a motor of 350 Watts, which is impressive compared to other foldable models, and will give you more power when you need it. Although the motor is quite powerful, it is also quiet, which is a fabulous feature when you want to enjoy your bike ride and not be inundated by noise. The battery on the Enzo is also of top quality with 36 volts, and it uses Samsung cells. Compared to other batteries it is super lightweight (under 4 pounds), and is hidden from view, so that you don’t have a risk of it being stolen.
The LCD display is very handy, and it will show your battery level, power use, speed, assist level, as well as other statistics relating to time and distance. The Enzo has five levels of assist, as well as a throttle mode to help you soar past other cyclists going up hills or battling against the wind. Much of the bike can be manipulated by the LCD display, such as turning on the headlights. This type of intuitive design is what makes the Enzo such an outstanding bike with an incredibly reasonable price tag as well. If you are looking for foldable electric bike that has some of the highest-quality parts, as well as a stunning aesthetic, then buying the Enzo is the right choice for you.

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