Electric Power | 350w Motor | Lithium Battery | Ness ebikes
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Electric Power | 350w Motor | Lithium Battery | Ness ebikes

Ness Folding ebike is the best folding ebike in the market .

You may think that with a collapsible electric ebike you would find it a bit difficult to come across a ebike that is as powerful as a regular-sized electric ebike. But there are bicycles in the folding ebike market that offer more power to suit your needs, and one of them is the ProdecoTech Phantom X. The motor is an astounding 500 Watts, and can even reach a peak output of 720 Watts. You may also think that this type of power would warrant a huge price tag, but in actuality the price is very budget-friendly, at $1,399. However, even with a great price and an amazing motor, the Phantom X also has some faults. One of those faults is that it is quite heavy for a smaller ebike, at 55 pounds. If you live in an apartment building without an elevator, you would find carrying the Phantom X up stairs to be very cumbersome. Also, if you have a two-part commute (meaning that you may cycle for part of it and then take the train or bus for the second part), carrying this ebike would also not be very easy. Another fault of this ebikeis that there are no levels of pedal assist. Almost all ebike, folding or not, have pedal assist, making the Phantom X quite an anomaly.

As stated before, the motor on the Phantom X makes it a much nicer ebike, as it is quite powerful while still being relatively quiet. If you happen to enjoy peaceful rides away from the city, this ebike would be a great complement to such a ride. However, this motor can’t necessarily compete with newer motors on the market that still maintain their power while being lighter and more streamlined. Users also noticed that is lacked some torque, and also doesn’t have any kind of regenerative braking that you may get with newer models. Yet the gearless design of the motor means that there aren’t any parts inside that will rust or need replacing, so it should be durable and stand the test of time, and especially against varying weather conditions. The other great thing about the Phantom X is that even with a low price, you are getting a comprehensive two-year warranty, meaning that it covers everything, including the motor. Also, if you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, you are eligible for a refund. This type of reliability is especially appreciated, and it could help you make the decision to buy the Phantom X if you are unsure.

On an electric ebike, having a proper high-quality battery is one of the most important features. On the Phantom X you are getting a battery that has 38.4 volts and 9 amp hours, which is quite standard. The chemistry used in this battery is quite particular, because it is designed specifically to work with a powerful motor such as the one on the Phantom X. It is designed for higher transfer without overheating, so the ebike can run as efficiently as possible. The battery pack is removable, which is very useful for charging. The alternative is that you would need to take the entire ebike next to an outlet, and that isn’t always feasible or convenient. However, the battery pack has a few flaws. For one, the casing around the battery is made of plastic that does not seem to be very protective, and makes the battery more vulnerable to damage. Also, where the battery is mounted and positioned on the ebike is not great, as it is placed high on the ebike, disrupting the distribution of weight and also making it more susceptible to damage as well. But remember it also covered by the warranty, and beyond the first two years you are able to buy a replacement battery as well.

When you are ready to start the ebike after the battery has been properly charged, there is just a short process to get you going. First you will need to insert the key, then you will need to activate the power button, and afterwards start the throttle mode with a twist mechanism. The Phantom X has speeds upwards of 20 mph, which should be sufficient for almost all of your cycling needs. Unfortunately it does not have a LCD screen, but a few LED lights that will notify of you different things. There are three LED lights that signify what level the battery is at (green for high, yellow for medium, red for low). Operating the ebike is quite smooth overall, and the Phantom X also has a front suspension fork, which is perfect for absorbing the shock from bumpy roads and ensuring you have a more comfortable ride. There’s also a rear light that is integrated (meaning it works off the main battery pack) to keep you safe and secure. Overall, the Phantom X seems to need many improvements, but it would work well for a person that doesn’t have many needs from a folding ebike, or perhaps someone that is buying a collapsible electric ebike for the first time.

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