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Folding E-Bicycles Reviews by Ness Bikes

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Gocycle G2 Review

Many of the foldable electric bikes on the market aim for quality, but often have to compromise in order to keep their costs down so they will sell as many bikes as they can. However, there are other foldable electric bikes out there that don’t compromise on quality whatsoever, so you know that even if you have to pay more, you are getting the best the market has to offer. An example of such a bike is the Gocycle G2 bike, which at $4,999 is not cheap by any means, but it does not skimp on any of the design details. In fact, other models that sell for less will often exclude parts that you would need to buy later anyways, so by investing in a bike such as the G2, you are saving yourself from the time and effort (as well as money) that it would take to purchase add-ons and accessories later.

The G2 isn’t built from steel or aluminum, but rather injection-molded magnesium, which is incredibly strong but also lightweight, which keeps the bike at an unbelievable 36 pounds. Since the body of the bike is hollow, this is how all the wires and the battery can be put away, creating a smooth and aesthetically-pleasing look. If you’re concerned about taking the G2 on rough or bumpy roads, you can be assured that the rear suspension arm that comes with the bike will minimize the shock from roads that are filled with cracks and bumps. The G2 is also quite powerful, reaching up to 20 mph in throttle mode. The G2 uses a motor that is quite advanced compared to its competitors, at 500 Watts (many other electric bikes use only 250 or 350 Watt motors). Some users remarked that the motor was a little loud at full power, but maintained a nice level of volume when the G2 was at lower settings. Users also said that even though the G2 is foldable, and therefore not a full-size electric bike, it kept its balance and stability incredibly well, even at the faster speeds.

Another great aspect of the G2 is that it has the function of quick release wheels, where you can just pull a lever to release both the front and rear wheels for easy repair or cleaning. Just like the frame on the G2, the wheels are also made out of magnesium, which can support heavier weights and will require less maintenance over time. Just be aware that the weight limit suggested for this bike is at 220 pounds, so don’t overload the G2 even though it is built to last. However, the G2 is great for accommodating people that are taller, as the seat post angle increase as seat height is adjusted, so a person’s longer arms and legs can have enough room.

The premium features of the G2 also extend to the battery. The bike uses a Lithium-ion battery back, which means that it’s going to be lightweight and last for a long time. Not only that, but the battery charges quickly (which is great for the times that you’re in a rush), and coverts energy to applications like the throttle mode at a quicker rate, making it one of the most efficient batteries on the market. The pack is located in the tube of the frame, so it isn’t meant to be removed for charging, which may be frustrating for some users. If you need to charge the battery, you will need to take the entire bike to an outlet for charging. Although the battery on the G2 is of high-quality, it’s important to take good care of it to maximize its potential. Taking care of the battery means avoiding very cold and very hot conditions, and if you are not using the G2 bike for awhile, keep your battery at around half-capacity to avoid disturbing the cells in the battery. And remember, there’s a one-year warranty on the battery, so if anything were to go wrong, Gocycle would replace it for you, or you can purchase new parts after the warranty is over.

As you’re riding, you will notice that the display on the G2 may be different than other electric bikes you may have interacted with. The G2 has LED lights that are installed in the handlebar to 

show you the charging level of the battery, energy use, pedal speed, and the gear you’re in. You have three pedal speeds, and you also have pedal assist and throttle mode, which are terrific if you’re cycling against the wind, or climbing a difficult hill. However, if you want to use the throttle mode, you need to enable the mode on an app, and be pedaling at least 4 mph before it will take effect. This stipulation is for your safety, but once you’ve switched to throttle mode, you will be able to ride with incredible ease!

If you are in search of a premium foldable electric bike that doesn’t skimp on quality details, then the G2 may be the right fit for you. And remember, although it comes with a higher price tag, you’re also paying for its longevity; it will be sure to outlast its competitors.

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