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Folding eBike Reviews by Ness Bikes

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VoltBike Urban Review

If you are searching for an electric bike that is also foldable, you may be a bit intimated by what’s on the market. There are plenty of premium e-bikes that have all the superior parts you could think of, but what about if you’re on a budget but still want a decent model? Well, there are options for you, and a great e-bike to consider is the Urban by VoltBike. The Urban is priced at about $1,049, and if you want it shipped to the United States from Canada, it will only cost you $70 more, which is not bad when you consider what other companies charge to ship their bikes. The motor on the Urban is 350 Watts, which is considerably better than similar models that try to lower prices by fitting their e-bikes with a 250 Watt motor. The battery is also of good quality at 36 volts and 10 amp hours. Both the battery and the motor translates into powering the Urban at higher speeds, topping out at around 20 mph, which can be achieved by using a high level of pedal assist, or by using the throttle mode. The throttle mode is quite easy to engage, as it uses a trigger rather than other e-bikes that use a twist throttle. Another great thing about this throttle mode is that it can override any level of assist. The throttle mode is an excellent feature if you are in a hurry to an appointment, on your commute to work, or if you are cycling against heavy winds or up a steep hill.
Another feature of e-bikes that is important to analyze is the display. Some e-bikes only have a few LED lights that signify what level the battery is charged at, or what level of pedal assist you are on. However, the Urban has a full display that shows speed, an odometer, battery level, and also a couple of extras. The extras include a walk mode and a headlight operation. The headlights are integrated, meaning they rely on the bike’s battery pack so that you don’t need to worry about replacing individual batteries for the headlights. However, the rear light does not operate on an integrated system, so you will need to supply individual batteries for the rear. The rear light also cannot be turned on by the display, so you will need to physically switch the light on.
If you ship the bike to your home rather than picking it up in a store, it will come needing some assembly, but this should be a simple procedure. Users of the Urban noticed that there’s no clasp or magnetic strips that keep the bike together when folded, so this might be an inconvenience for some. However, a great positive of this bike is that the tires have reflective tape. Combined with the rear light and integrated headlight, this is will allow other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians on the road to see you with greater clarity. It will also help you with your ability to see at night as well, making you safer on the road. Another handy feature of the Urban is that the battery is removable. As the battery weighs about five pounds, removing it can help if you are carrying it around, or if you are storing it in a space that is difficult to lift it into, like a boat. For the times that you need to charge the battery, you can charge it by itself or while it’s still attached to the bike. If you leave the battery on the bike where it can be seen by many people, don’t fret. The battery locks securely in the downtube of the bike, so you are protected against theft. A good thing to remember if you are not planning to use the bike for some time, is to keep the battery charged at half-capacity, as this will help preserve the cells in the battery.
Users stated that although the brakes were quite generic (meaning not from a high-end brand), they still worked very well, and were able to stop the motor efficiently. The wheels of the Urban are quite strong and sturdy, so they will help support someone who’s of a larger weight, and help the bike keep its balance on bumpy and rough roads. The Urban also has a rear rack, which is a fabulous feature for those that use the bike for commuting to work, trips to the market, or just generally need to carry things as they cycle. However, the Urban does not have a water bottle holder, which is unfortunate if you are cycling at long distances or at hot temperatures. Alternatively, you can buy one and add it to the bike.
If you are looking for a great foldable electric bike on a budget, then consider buying the Urban. VoltBike believe in their product so much, that they also offer a one-year warranty in case anything goes wrong. So don’t hesitate, and try out the Urban as soon as you can!

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