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Blik Vika+ Review

If you are someone that commutes to work on a bicycle, or if you ride your bike wearing a variety of outfits (and not just the stereotypical cyclist’s uniform of spandex), you may have a hard time with the foldable e-bikes on the market and their lack of comfort in this respect. However, the Vika+ e-bike by Blik has a lovely step-through frame that can accommodate anyone in any outfit. The other advantage of a step-through frame is that if you need to stop (to take a break, or you’re riding on the road and need to stop at the stoplight), you can easily stand over the bike as opposed to only being able to sit on it and thus struggling a bit with balance. The only disadvantage of the step-through bike is that it isn’t necessarily adjustable, so people that are taller may feel cramped on the Vika+. However, there are plenty of other design features on the Vika+ that are very attractive. Underneath the saddle is where the battery is located for quick and easy access, and thus the battery is also somewhat protected against the weather elements and potential people that could steal the battery (as it blends in). The grips on the handles are also attractive, as they are padded and ergonomic, meaning that you will provide the most comfort as possible for you, and allow less strain on your wrists.

Another facet of the Vika+ that is very helpful is the integrated headlight. This means that the headlight is powered by the e-bike’s battery, and can be controlled from the main console. Having a headlight is imperative if you are riding at night, or in conditions that provide for limited sight, like fog. The headlight (and a rear light) will also help other people on the road identify you, and therefore keep you as safe as possible. Powering this e-bike is a 350 Watt motor that is placed near the rear wheel. This is quite exceptional, as other collapsible e-bikes provide only a 250 Watt motor. The small wheels work alongside the 350 Watt motor to produce a mechanical advantage that will give you more power and leverage up hills especially. The motor works in pedal assist mode, and from there you can operate the bike in throttle mode, which will definitely help you to reach top speeds and battle against high winds. Unfortunately there is no throttle-only mode, thus you can only override the pedal assist mode with the throttle mode.

There’s a great mechanism on the Vika+ that allows you to remove the front wheel with a quick release, which comes in handy if you get a flat tire, or you need to fix or clean something on the wheel. The rear wheel does not have this mechanism, however; so removing the rear wheel will require a bit more effort. Also, this e-bike comes with seven speeds, so you should have optimal comfort when riding around with a good degree of efficiency at varying pedal speeds. Sometimes foldable electric bikes are only single-speed, and thus not as enjoyable or as efficient to ride. On the Vika+, the shifting mechanism for pedaling speed is located in the front and quite intuitive to use. Something else that’s a little different on the Vika+ is that rather than a full chain guard, it has a plastic chain guide which still protects skin and clothing from the chain, but it makes it easier to fold for when you’re stowing away the Vika+.

For most foldable e-bikes, one of the most important features is the battery. And on the Vika+, you are getting a great battery, a Lithium polymer pack. It has 36 volts of power with 10 amp hours, and it can be easily removed for charging. The only downside to the battery is that in order to operate the bike, the key has to be in battery and set to “on” to turn on the bike’s display. You also have to leave the key on while cycling, which may get in the way of your ride. If you are riding on rougher roads, especially, you will want to keep care that you do not bend the key or break it off from the pack. However, the battery does have a handy LED display on the side that tells you what level of power it is at. Once you have the battery in and charged-up, you are ready to turn on the bike by pressing the “on” button. By pressing the mode button you can decide which level of pedal assist you want, and if you want to activate the throttle mode, you do so by pulling a trigger on the left side. And for those times that you need to stop quite abruptly, the brakes are of high-quality and will cut power to the motor very efficiently.

In conclusion, the Vika+ is a well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing electric bike that also is combined with the functionality of its ability to be folded and stowed away. There are some areas it could improve on, but overall it’s a great quality bike with fabulous attention to detail.

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