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EZ Pedaler X350 Review

When you’re buying a bike or an electric bike, it’s important to not only look at its features and specifications, but to also look at the design. If you’re riding it most days, you’ll want to feel good about what you’re riding, as this will help you be motivated to ride it even more. The EZ Pedaler X350 is a model that is incredibly sleek and attractive, but that doesn’t mean that the X350 sacrifices on any of its technical features. As it’s a foldable electric bike, it is also very compact and great for putting away into small storage areas. As the X350 is an upgrade from the F-350, there is also added comfort that wasn’t there previously. The X350 has a more relaxed fork and stem angle, which allows the rider to sit in a more upright position, placing less strain on their back and joints. And although the X350 is still a bit heavy at 50 pounds, it is 2 pounds lighter than the previous model, while still being incredibly stable and balanced for the rider. Also, many other e-bike models will try to eliminate any extras on their bike to reduce the price, but the X-350 has a great amount of extra features, including fenders, a rear rack, and lights. These are things that are always extremely useful, and it’s always convenient when you can attain them with the bike, rather than buying them later.

The motor on the X350 is a powerful at 350 Watts, and as it is attached near the front wheel, this provides a mechanical advantage for more powerful hill climbing. The wheels themselves are made with durable material that should be able to withstand the roughness of a variety of roads. The X350 also has a suspension fork that acts like a buffer  between the rider and the road, so that bumpiness is minimized. The bike has five levels of pedal assist as well as a throttle mode to help you when you are battling against high winds, going up-hill, or just need to get somewhere in a hurry. If for some reason you need to shut off the motor while on pedal assist or throttle mode, motor inhibitors are conveniently placed in the brake levers, so you still remain in control of the bike.

One of the best features of the X350 is the battery, which is protected and located inside of the frame. This design is a great way to protect the battery from weather elements, as well as potential stealing. The battery has 36 volts and 10.4 amp hours, and has Lithium ions. Lithium ions are known for being light-weight and long-lasting, which is fabulous if you are using the X350 frequently. It is estimated that you can charge the battery 1,000 before the battery will lose any of its quality. The battery is easy to remove from the frame for charging or for extra protection against harsh weather or weather extremes. However, if you are not using the X350 for a certain amount of time, it is wise to leave the battery charged between 20 and 80% as to avoid disruption of the cells inside the battery.

When you have charged the battery sufficiently, and you are ready to start using the X350, all you need to do is press the power button on the LCD display. The LCD display is a delightful feature of the X350, as many other bike models will not include the display in order to save money. Rather, they will only have a few integrated LED lights that signify things like the battery level. The display unit on the X350 also swivels, which is very handy if the sun is aimed right towards the display, thus you can turn it to avoid the glare. You can use the power button to show different screens that will reveal pedal assist, battery level, total mileage, trip odometer, and a clock as well. All of these functions are useful if you are going on a cycling trip and you want to track your fitness, or if you just curious. Another feature that can be operated by the display is the integrated headlight, which is powered by the bike’s battery. However, the rear light is not integrated, so you will need to turn it on physically if you want to use it. You will also need to replace the batteries for the rear light every so often, and remember to turn it off when not in use. Overall, users remarked that the LCD display was very easy to use, even while cycling.

At $1,695 with a three-year warranty, the X-350 packs a lot of features and upgrades into a bike that has a very reasonable price when compared to competitors. It also folds and stows away easily, making it the perfect bike for a commuter or someone with limited storage space. If you are in the market for an e-bike that will make your life much easier, then don’t hesitate to purchase or test the X-350.


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