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EZ Pedaler F350 Review

When looking for an electric bicycle that also has folding capabilities, you will notice that the higher-priced bikes will often offer more add-ons and accessories, whereas the bikes that are less expensive will omit some things to keep the price down. However, EZ Pedaler has come out with an ebike that is on the lower end of the price spectrum ($1,679), and it still contains a lot of the accessories that people find useful and desirable, which include fenders, lights, a rear rack, suspension fork, and a padded seat. Compared to its predecessor (the F300), the improvements result in the F350 having better climbing abilities and better acceleration as well. A potential negative to the F350 is that it weighs a substantial amount, at about 52 pounds. However, this is because of the accessories like the rear rack and the driving system parts that add most of the weight. This may make it difficult to carry around if you have a multi-step commute, yet the weight is evenly spread out on the bike, making sure that while you cycle, you remain stable on the road. Also, another aspect that isn’t ideal is that the top speed on the F350 is only 18 mph, whereas many other models can reach 20 mph. This top speed is dictated for safety reasons since it has smaller wheels, but some may find the lower speed a bit limiting.

The motor on the F350 is a 350 Watt geared motor that is located in the front. This motor is of high-quality, while also being relatively quiet and lightweight. The quiet aspect of the motor is especially wonderful for those that prefer to cycle in quieter environments, and thus a noisy motor wouldn’t have to be the reality when cycling with the F350. The motor also helps with climbing, which comes in handy if you have steep hills around where you live, work, or travel. Alongside having the power of the motor, you also have a three-speed hub located in the rear of the bike. Although it isn’t as advanced or helpful as having more speeds (some foldable ebikes happen to have eight speeds or more), it is still better than having a single-speed bike. Having more than one speed allows you to use different pedaling options depending on your strength, the weather conditions, and elevation, thus maximizing your pedaling efficiency.

Alongside the motor, the battery on an ebike is going to be instrumental in making sure that the when the rider requests assistance, the response will be immediate. On the F350, the battery has 36 volts and 10 amp hours, which is a solid offering. In fact, when looking at the range of foldable ebikes, the F350 uses a battery that could be considered above-average. The battery uses Lithium-ion chemistry, which is known for being lightweight and long-lasting. And if you’re worried that the weight of the F350, remember that the battery is removable, and you will thus have a lighter load to carry if you choose to. In order to keep the battery as long as possible (although the battery is included in a one-year warranty which should keep you covered if anything abnormal would happen), it’s important to keep the battery stored under the right conditions. These conditions include avoiding very hot and very cold temperatures, as well as humid environments. Also, it’s important to keep the battery charged at an optimal level, which is generally between 20 and 80%. If you keep the F350 in a place other than your home, or you have taken a break from using the bike, it’s important to look at the battery level every so often to ensure it doesn’t stay at a critically low level for too long.

If you are looking for an ebike that is simple and intuitive to operate, then the F350 will be perfect for you. However if you are hoping for an ebike that has a technologically advanced LCD display, unfortunately the F350 doesn’t have it. The F350 has LED lights that inform the cyclist of the battery level and the levels of pedal assist, and there is no way to know distance or speed, at least from the bike itself. However, the F350 does have three levels of pedal assist, as well as throttle mode that is operated by a trigger. Both of these options are incredibly helpful if you are battling against high winds, climbing steep hills, or you just have tired legs and you want a bit of a break.

Conclusively, the F350 may not be as advanced as other models when it comes to technological systems or increased gear speeds, but it does offer solid offerings, namely the motor and the battery. Also, it offers extensive accessories that you won’t have to purchase later. The frame also comes with a three-year warranty, so you know that EZ Pedaler believes in their product fully, as should you.

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