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When you are looking at what’s available on the market for electric folding ebikes, you may be the type of person that prefers a ebike that is loaded with different features and will be able to take you on any kind of terrain for any kind of ride. However, you may also be the type of person that is minimalistic and doesn’t need much from their folding ebike. This type of minimalistic design can also be found at a fantastic price of $1,095, and it is the VeloMini 1 Speed. As the name implies, the ebike is single-speed, which won’t necessarily be the best for maximizing pedaling efficiency if you were to get a ebike with multiple speeds. However, a single-speed ebike means that there are fewer gears that need maintenance over time, which means that you will also save money. Another benefit of the VeloMini 1 Speed is that it weighs just over 30 pounds, very lightweight in comparison to full-size bicycles, and even lighter than other foldable ebikes on the market! This type of lightness is perfect for the commuter that splits their journey into two steps. For example, the first step of their commute may be cycling for a certain distance, and the second step may be to carry the ebike onto a train or bus until reaching their destination. Handling a much lighter ebike will help to make the process much easier and more enjoyable. And like other ebikes, the VeloMini 1 Speed also offers pedal assist and throttle mode which can be operated by a twist mechanism.

The VeloMini 1 Speed has a different type of folding mechanism compared to the standard model, as it folds flat, and you therefore do not need much space to store it all. This works beautifully if you have a small apartment with limited storage, or you use your ebike close to a boat or RV that you may own. However, the ability for the VeloMini 1 Speed to fold so well means that the wheels are much smaller. The smaller wheel size may contribute to less comfort when traversing over roads that have potholes or those that are generally bumpier or rougher, but the wheels should work well over most roads. Remember that the weight limit on the VeloMini 1 Speed is set at 230 pounds, but this should be able to accommodate most cyclists. One of the most important features on an ebike is the motor, and the one on the VeloMini 1 Speed is much smaller than average, even for a folding model. The motor has 180 Watts, yet since it is paired with small wheels, it provides a mechanical advantage that gives the ebike good torque. The driving system includes a battery as well, and like the motor, it is also smaller than average. The battery has 24 volts and 6 amp hours and made with Lithium ion chemistry. Lithium ions are well-known for being lightweight and long-lasting, and thus should sustain you for a long time. However, if something were to happen, the battery has a six month warranty covering it (the frame also has a one-year warranty as well). Yet instead of relying fully on the warranty, it is a good idea to take good care of the battery so that it keeps you moving for as long as possible. One measure you can take is to place the battery in conditions that aren’t extremely hot or cold. Another thing you can do is to avoid storing the battery in a place that is especially humid. Lastly, keeping it charged within 20 and 80% will help the cells in the battery from becoming disrupted.

If you’re interested in the aesthetics of the ebike, you will be happy to know that the VeloMini 1 Speed keeps a very minimal and smooth aesthetic. The battery is also not in plain sight, but it located in the downtube of the ebike. This is a fabulous feature that helps to deter thieves from stealing a battery that is in plain sight. However, this also means that the battery isn’t the easiest to remove for charging, yet since the ebike is so lightweight it shouldn’t create excessive problems. And if you thought that since the design is so minimal, the VeloMini 1 would forego accessories, you would be wrong. The ebike has a kickstand, front and rear fenders (which are perfect for keeping you and your clothes clean), a rear LED light (which helps for protection and visibility), a protective case, a tool kit, and a carry strap as well. Yet if you were thinking that a LCD display would come with the ebike as well, unfortunately it does not (in order to keep this ebike at such a budget-friendly price). Yet overall, the VeloMini 1 Speed ebike is the perfect folding ebike for the person that prefers a minimalist design to take them over short distances.

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