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Ness Electric bicycles | High Quality | Style

High quality folding Ebike | Ness Foldable ebike

The Ness e-bicycles Compact foldable ebike comes from the company Currie Technologies, which has years of experience in designing different electric ebike models. They also have several different lines of electric ebikes, and with the E3 Compact, they have partnered with the company Dahon to create the most suitable frame for a folding mechanism. Dahon has actually been an impressive innovator when it comes to folding ebikes, operating in the market since 1982. For the electronics like the motor and the battery, Currie decided to use their own products, as they have a wide range of experience with designing the driving systems of ebikes. You may think that this partnership would make it more difficult to get the ebike serviced or to have parts replaced, but in reality both services are relatively easy to obtain. In fact, the warranty also includes good cover, with a two-year warranty for the motor, and a one-year warranty for the frame and the battery. This type of coverage implies that both companies really believe in their products. And although the E3 Compact isn’t the lightest folding electric ebike on the market, it is still much lighter than a full-sized bicycle, which is often around 50 pounds.

Dahon creating a frame that is a single-speed design, which may be unfortunate for some, as varying pedaling speeds can help to maximize pedaling efficiency. However, having a single-speed bicycle also provides benefits. Having fewer gears on the ebike means that there’s less maintenance needed over time. Less maintenance also translates into money saved in the long run. When you need the ebike to be folded, there are magnets that help the ebike to stay together, but they won’t bother you when you’re cycling. Moving on from the frame, it’s also important to look at the driving system, including the motor. The motor on the E3 Compact is a 250 Watt motor, which is the European maximum, but a bit small by American standards (many folding ebikes have 350 or 500 Watt motors nowadays). The motor is located at the front of the ebike instead of the rear, which helps to balance out the weight of the ebike. However, the motor is geared which means that it may require more maintenance than a gearless one. A geared motor will also create more noise, which means that if you prefer quiet rides outside of the city, this motor may not provide the most tranquil environment you would like.

The battery that works alongside the motor is able to support the entire driving system quite well. The battery has 36 volts and 8.8 amp hours which is fairly standard, but quite good for a ebike of this size. The battery uses chemistry made up of Lithium ions, which are notable for being long-lasting and lightweight. As stated before, the battery is included within a one-year warranty, but there are simple things you can do to stretch out the battery’s lifetime. One of those things you can do is to keep the battery in conditions where it is not too hot or too cold. Also, avoiding humidity is preferential. Another simple step to prolonging the battery’s life is to keep it charged within 20 and 80%, as this will help the cells avoid disruption. Also, if you come to a point where you’re using the E3 Compact less frequently (perhaps during the winter time when it is more difficult to cycle), and you don’t ride it for a couple of months, it is a good idea to monitor the battery level every once and awhile, and make sure that it doesn’t dip down to a very low level.

The E3 Compact comes with pedal assist, as well as twist throttle. Both mechanisms are great to help you in situations where you need a bit of help, like when you’re climbing a steep hill, cycling against heavy winds, or when you’re riding through inclement weather. You will also be able to reach speeds up to 20 mph, most likely while on the throttle mode. However, if you are a heavier rider you may struggle a bit relying entirely upon throttle mode to get you through those steep hills or through an entire ride to work. The E3 Compact also comes with a few great accessories that can help to make your cycling experience better. It comes with a kickstand that is helpful when parking the ebike in public spaces, and it also has a rear rack. The rear rack comes with bungee cords as well, so if you are hoping to transport items like groceries from the store to your house, the rack should be able to accommodate you. Yet there are a few improvements that could be made, such as adding a basic suspension fork to absorb the shock from rougher roads. Overall, the expertise of the two companies coming together to form the E3 Compact was an excellent move, and if you choose to purchase this collapsible ebike, you won’t be disappointed.

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