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e-Joe Epik SE Review


If you’re commuting to work, or cycling into the city for errands, you want a bike that will be able to move as efficiently as possible while also being portable in case you end up walking along the streets, on public transportation, or doing some shopping indoors. A bike that would fit these needs brilliantly would be one that has folding capabilities for portability and electric capabilities for maximum efficiency and comfort (because who really wants to expend all that effort cycling up hills on their way to work?). A bike that fits this description perfectly is the e-Joe Epik SE bicycle. At only around $1,699, it is also incredibly affordable for a bike of its caliber and features. The bike can carry up to 300 pounds and also has been updated in the past couple of years to include advances to the motor (so that now it has 350 Watts) and the battery. This is incredibly crucial, as the motor and the battery are essential in an electric bike, and are a godsend when you are battling against the wind, or riding up steep inclines. It also gives you more energy to ride longer, and who doesn’t want to enjoy a nice bike ride for a bit longer on a beautiful day?

Function and specifications

The other nice thing about the Epik SE bike is that it’s a bit different from other electric bikes as it’s not single-speed, so you can regulate the rate of pedaling that you desire. Also, although many people might use this bike for urban travelling, that doesn’t mean that urban roads are completely smooth. In these instances, the Epik SE bike has a basic suspension fork that alleviates some of the rough riding that can come from riding on uneven paths like cracked asphalt or gravel. If you will be riding on less smooth roads, there’s no need to worry about the battery being overly affected by it. The battery is larger than the previous model, however, it now hidden, therefore barely in sight. That means that it is protected against many natural elements, including dust and water, which are abundant upon the open road. You can also lock the battery to the frame for extra security, but you can also take it out if you want to lift the bike and desire a lighter lift.

When the bike is need of a charge, there’s a LED readout that indicates at what level the battery is at. There are also three different dots that specify what level pedal-assist is at (low, medium, and high) and another dot that indicates whether pedal-assist is on or off. This type of readout is helpful, and also simple, therefore keeping the costs of bicycle low to provide value for the consumer. A facet of electric bikes that people often complain about is that the seating is uncomfortable. However, people find that the Epik SE bike has a very comfortable seat, and it also helps to keep your balance on the bike, which is especially helpful on bumpy roads. Also helpful on bumpy roads or trails, are the brakes that come with the Epik SE bike. The mechanical disc brakes stay cleaner than V brakes do, so if you take the bike out for a sporty ride, you have better stopping power when you need it, especially for curved paths and unknown obstacles along the way. However, the disadvantage that this bike would have on roughed paths would be its pedals. The pedals are plastic instead of the usual metal, and if you happen to bump into different objects, or if you hit a curb during a turn, the pedals are more susceptible to being chipped away or even broken.

Another disadvantage of the bike is that although it can be used as more of a sport-bike than other electric bikes, its fenders (that are designed for more sport-related cycling) are actually lacking. They are only partial in length, and therefore don’t protect you as much from the elements like full-length fenders would. Also, the LED display of the batter and pedal-assist is helpful for some things, but without having a LCD screen, the display will not tell you how far you’ve gone or how fast you’re going. Also, a more specific battery reading would also be helpful to avoid those circumstances where the battery completely runs out of charge.

Conclusively, the Epik SE bike is a great foldable electric bike that is perfect if you only have limited storage, especially in places away from home like work, or a RV or boat. It also has a plethora of advantageous features compared to other electric bike models, but the Epik SE is comparatively more affordable than the others. Also, the new and improved motor will help you get where you want to go at more ease and in less time. With a few design attributes that some may not fancy, the bike overall has outstanding quality for its unbeatable price.



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