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Daymak Arsenal Review

If you are considering a foldable electric bike, but are concerned at what is available on the market (as many of them are smaller than the average bike) there are some options for you in terms of full-size foldable and electric bikes. One of those options is the Arsenal by Daymak, a budget-oriented company that wants to give you great value for a quality bike. The Arsenal also has full suspension, which means the wheels track with the ground better, making it easier to climb up hills or turn around corners. Although the idea of full suspension might make you think the Arsenal will do well on heavy trails, it may be best to keep the Arsenal on roads and light trails, as some of the other parts to the bike dealing with the suspension are quite basic. However, there are some other attributes to the bike that ensure you will have a comfortable ride. The Arsenal has shock absorbers, larger wheels of medium-width, a gel saddle, and mostly ergonomic handles. All of these things, especially the shock absorbers and the size of the tires will diminish the impact of a rough road or potholes.

Another great thing about the Arsenal is that its battery is well-hidden and locked inside the frame, reducing the risk of it getting stolen. However, compared to other foldable bikes, the Arsenal is on the heavy side, and this can make it more difficult to fold, as you can take out the front wheel and the battery if you want a lighter load to carry, but this can be quite difficult. Yet the battery is still of good quality and power, of a standard 36 volts. Incredibly enough, Daymak offers a 6-month warranty on the battery, and 1 year on the frame, which is a definite plus when buying a new bike.

Some other features on the bike include an average-sized motor of 350 Watts, as well as five levels of pedal assist, and a throttle mode as well. When using the throttle mode, you can get up to 15 mph, which is perfect for those times that you’re in a bit of a rush to work and need an extra push, or when you’re climbing a steep hill. However, if you want to conserve more energy (and avoid needing to charge the battery more frequently), using pedal assist is a brilliant way to go if you’re climbing up hills or riding against a strong wind. The Arsenal not only pays attention to the infrastructure of the bike, and the parts dealing with the motor, but it also pays attention to the small details that can prove to be very useful later on. The Arsenal has side mirrors, which are a brilliant add-on for those doing city cycling and have an important need to be aware of traffic at all times. The bike also has a bell which is useful when riding in the same lane as other cyclists or pedestrians, letting them be aware of your close presence. The Arsenal has a 21 speed drivetrain as well, which allows you greater freedom when determining your pedal speed, which many people prefer over single-speed bikes or bikes that have a lower amount of pedal speed options. Another important aspect of the Arsenal is that is has front and rear LED lights, which is a fantastic feature to increase your personal visibility when it’s dark outside, and for other cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers to be aware of you as well.

However, there are a couple of things lacking from the Arsenal, as an effort to keep the cost of the bike down. The bike is without fenders, or even a chain guard. This means that you and your clothing or more susceptible to water and dirt from the ground, and your clothing is more likely to rip if it brushes against the chain. Some other things that are missing include the lack of integrated lights and a rack for your belongings. The lack of a rack means that you’ll need to purchase an additional one if you’re thinking of cycling with more items than a small backpack. Integrated lights are handy as they operate from the bike’s battery power, but the LED lights on the Arsenal operate on the power of individual small batteries, so you need to be extra conscious of when to turn them off, or else the batteries will run out of power very quickly.

Daymak is a Canadian company that has been around since 2009, and has made a name for itself as being a competitor in the e-bike market. The Arsenal is relatively affordable, and proves to be a comfortable ride as a full-size and full-suspension foldable electric bike. If you desire an electric bike that will be able to support your weight evenly and also be a comfortable, then the Arsenal would be the right choice for you.

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