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Portability- Ness Folding eBikes 

If you’re interested in buying a folding bike, you’re probably inclined towards getting a bike that has the ability to fit inside of a smaller space. Yet most of the folding electric bikes on the market only have one option when it comes to folding. However, the Neo Volt by Easy Motion allows the bike to be folded into two positions: the first allows the bike to be rolled into a particular space, and the second folds it even more compactly. These options are fantastic depending on what kind of storage space you have available in your home, apartment, boat, or RV. Besides the fabulous folding mechanism, there are also great additions to the bike that can improve your cycling experience greatly. The Neo Volt has a rear rack (perfect for storing belongings and groceries), fenders (which protect your clothing from dirt and water), and dynamo powered LED lights (perfect for enhancing your sight at night, and making yourself more visible to others as well). The design of the Neo Volt has also been carefully created, as it has an integrated battery pack, and a custom kickstand as well.

When you’re buying an electric bike, looking at the motor is one of the primary concerns. Thankfully, the Neo Volt has a 350 Watt geared motor in the rear that is powerful and should accommodate all of your cycling needs. In fact, because the Neo Volt has smaller wheels, this provides a mechanical advantage for the motor, and you may have an increased output because of this (with less pedaling effort required). The motor also has the advantage of being lightweight, compact, and very efficient. Another major benefit of the motor on the Neo Volt is that it is runs very smoothly and quietly. If you like to take bike rides away from the urban areas in order to enjoy nature and a more serene environment, then having a quiet motor can make the world of difference. Also, if you’re using pedal assist on the Neo Volt, you’ll be impressed with how well the motor responds to the changes in levels, propelling you up those hills with more ease and power.

Although the motor is a very important part of any e-bike, without a quality and highly efficient battery, the motor is quite useless. On the Neo Volt there is a battery with 36 volts and 9 amp hours, which is beyond what some folding electric bikes offer. The battery also uses Lithium ion technology, which is known for being lightweight and long-lasting. The battery is removable and fits into the downtube of the ebike, and it also has a metal lock and a key for greater protection against thieves. If you are concerned with the appearance and the aesthetics of the ebike, you’ll be glad to know that the battery matches the frame, creating a more streamlined look. However, one disadvantage of this battery is that it has to be removed in order to charge it. Other e-bike models will include the option of leaving in the ebike for charging or removing it to be charged. Yet a major benefit is that the manufacturer offers a two-year comprehensive warranty, which includes the battery. And while this warranty is quite good, it is also a good idea to keep your battery in the best of conditions so you can use the Neo Volt as much as you like without any interruptions. This means avoiding placing the battery in extreme heat and extreme cold, as well as keeping it in a dry place and avoiding humidity as much as possible.

Now, when your battery is charged and you’re ready to ride, you’ll find that instead of a few measly LED lights on the console that don’t give much information, there is a actually a LCD display on the console. Some great advantages of this display is that it’s backlit (meaning when it is very bright and very dark, it is easier to see the screen), removable, and also easy to operate while you’re cycling. There are also three rubber buttons that are durable, and will hold up even during the rain and other compromising conditions. As mentioned before, you also are receiving four levels of pedal assist that you can change from using the screen. And if you are in need of even more assistance, or you prefer to let your legs rest a bit, then feel free to use throttle mode. To use throttle, you just need to set the ebike to zero, and then use a twist mechanism to turn on the throttle mode.

The Neo Volt has a few disadvantages, such as not having a suspension fork (which can help to lessen the bumpiness of rough roads), but otherwise shines in various areas. If you are looking for a ebike that has almost everything you could think of, as well as some extra features that you haven’t even thought of, then pick a ebike of such good quality like the Neo Volt.

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