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ProdecoTech Mariner 500 Review

When you think of collapsible electric bikes, you may picture a small frame with some power to go up hills, but relatively less powerful than what you might get from a regular electric bike. However, the Mariner 500 has an incredibly strong motor of 500 Watts (hence the name), which is impressive even for a full-size electric bike. ProdecoTech had a Mariner 7 foldable electric bike before introducing the Mariner 500. The improvement from the previous model was to move the motor to the rear wheel, which improves steering, as well as increase the motor’s wattage. The only downside to the motor being moved to the rear, is that users noted the ebike is a bit rear-heavy, which effects performance and stability slightly. And even though the new motor on the Mariner 500 is very powerful, it also makes some noise, which may not be favored by everyone. Yet all of things aside, no one can deny that the Mariner 500 is a powerful ebike, and a delight to take up difficult hills or in rides against heavy wind. Another advantage of this ebike is that since it has small wheels, in combination with the motor this creates a mechanical advantage that will increase power. If you’re worried about riding on rougher roads or paths, the basic suspension fork helps to absorb some of the shock so you will continue to ride comfortably.

While some foldable ebikes on the market weigh less, the Mariner 500 isn’t necessarily a super lightweight bike, nor is it the heaviest. So if you want a bit of help when carrying it around, feel free to remove the battery back that will lighten the load by a few pounds. Another feature of this bike that is helpful is the nine-speeds available, which is phenomenal compared to other ebike models that may only offer a few speeds, or are only single-speed. Having more speeds on the bike gives you more pedaling speed options, which in turn will offer greater pedaling efficiency.

One of the most important parts of an electric bike is the battery, as it will dictate how long and far you are able to ride, and how much power it will transfer to the motor. The battery on the Mariner 500 has 48 volts of power and 9 amp hours, and you also have the option to upgrade to a battery with 12 amp hours. The voltage on the Mariner 500 is definitely above average for other foldable ebikes, which translates into better power and performance. The battery uses lithium iron phosphate chemistry, which is well-known for being lighter in weight, able to withstand pressure and use, and is also resistant to heat. Although the battery is of high-quality, and you do have a comprehensive warranty of two years that will cover the battery, it is still a good idea to keep the battery in the best conditions. This means avoiding extreme heat or cold, as well as damp conditions. Also, if you are not riding the Mariner 500 for a certain period of time (perhaps for two months or more), it is important to check every once and awhile on the level of the battery. You will want to have the battery charged between 20 and 80% to preserve the life of the battery’s cells as much as possible (and you can charge the battery while it’s mounted on the bike or on its own). Once you have charged the battery sufficiently, you can mount the battery back onto the bike. However, some users stated that the place on mounting the battery was a bit awkward and difficult to get to. Also, the key has to be left in the battery in order to ride the bike, which may be frustrating for some riders, as the jangle of the keys can make noise, and there’s a greater potential that something may happen to the keys as you cycle.

If you are wishing for a modern and streamlined LCD display on this electric bike, unfortunately it does not have one. Once you have mounted the battery, and inserted the key, the next step is to twist the throttle. There’s no readout for speed or power, so you will only be able to reference the three LED lights that give a basic battery reading, from green indicating a relatively full battery, to red indicating a low level of battery. This reading for the battery is less precise and could possibly leave more room for error. If you go for a long bike ride, this could complicate things, so err on the side of caution.

Overall, the Mariner 500 may have some faults, but it has some very strong points, such as being an immensely powerful ebike, and also simple and easy to fold, which are the main reasons that people invest in foldable electric bikes. So if you are in the market for such a bike, and you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, the Mariner 500 may be the best option for you.

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