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There are several folding ebikes that would fit into the category of being “budget ebikes,” but many of these budget ebikes are low in price because they need to sacrifice some elements like the power of the motor or the quality of the battery. Yet there are also budget ebikes that include everything you need and don’t skimp on what’s most important. The company EZ Pedaler produced the F300, and it fits the previous description very well. It may not offer top of the line parts, but it will be able to satisfy almost anyone that decides to use it. Also, there are definitely some aspects of this ebike that set the F300 from everything else. While many electric ebikes rely on one company to design the frames, the one on the F300 is custom-built. Not only that, but the custom frame has a front shock built in. With the front shock, there’s also a sprung seat, and both work together to keep the rider more comfortable, especially over roads that are rougher, have bumps, or even potholes. The lack of comfort is often a big problem with folding bicycles, but the F300 has figured out a way to at least lessen this problem. The only negative about these extra parts is that they add on weight to an already heavier ebike. Yet if comfort is a big expectation for you, then a bit of extra weight on the ebike shouldn’t be an issue for you. And as mentioned before, the F300 could be considered a budget ebike, as the price comes in at only $1,479, which should be doable for most.

Many budget ebikes will eliminate some accessories to keep costs down, but the F300 has found a way to keep some of these valuable accessories. These include a front and rear light (the rear light is independent, whereas the front light is integrated), a rear rack (perfect for helping transport things to work or to take groceries home), and solidly good fenders. The ebike also has three speeds, which isn’t incredible (other folding ebikes will offer upwards of 7 or 8 speeds or more), yet it’s sufficient for this model, and can still help to maximize pedaling efficiency. The top speed on the F300 is 18 miles per hour, which is also a bit low (compared to 20 miles per hour for other models), but this is also put in place for safety. If the F300 went faster than 18 miles per hour, it wouldn’t be as stable or balanced, so keeping the top speed a bit slower helps the rider.

When looking at the driving system, the motor is the most noticeable, and it has 250 Watts. This kind of power is the maximum for Europe, but a bit low in the States where similar models now have 350 Watts or more. The design of the motor is geared, which means that it will make more noise and perhaps require more maintenance than a gearless motor, but it shouldn’t require substantially more effort. The motor is powerful enough to take on smaller hills, but a larger rider may find it a bit difficult to take this ebike on very steep hills or against high winds. Within the driving system, you also have the battery that works alongside the motor. The battery on the F300 has 36 volts and 10 amp hours, which is quite good for a ebike this size. It’s estimated that the battery can last over 1,000 charging cycles if cared for properly. However, things can always happen, and so that’s what makes it fantastic that the F300 has a one-year warranty that covers the driving system (the motor and the battery), and there’s also a separate three-year warranty that covers the frame. Yet in the meantime, keeping the battery in conditions that aren’t humid and avoid extreme temperatures should also help to increase the longevity of the battery.

Once you’ve charged the battery sufficiently and are ready to operate the ebike, you will notice that in the front console there’s a simple on and off switch used for pedal assist mode. There’s also a twist mechanism that controls the throttle mode, but that is basically it for the control panel. That means that unfortunately there is no LCD display that can give readouts of speed, distance, or battery life. If you are using the ebike to improve upon your fitness and what to measure your progress, buying an odometer, or some other technical device would be highly recommended. However, a handy feature of the ebike is that even if you are switched on to pedal assist, you can still use the throttle mode, which is great for a more streamlined ride, as opposed to a one that is stops and starts. Also, a good thing to keep in mind with the F300 is that even though it is heavier, the battery is removable, so that can help lessen the load for you when you’re carrying it around. Overall, the F300 is a fabulous no-frills folding ebike at a decent price, and it will ensure you have a great experience.

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