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Power Folding E-bikes Reviews by Ness Bikes

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Green World Bike E-Trolley

If you’re looking for a budget e-bike that is also compact and foldable, the E-Trolley by Green World Bike is a great option for either $999 or $1,299 for the Pro Model. Both the Standard and the Pro Model come with fenders, and a six-speed drivetrain. Another aspect of both models is that they come with both front and rear lights that are integrated with the bike, meaning they run off the bike’s battery pack. The great thing about integrated lights is that if you are cycling in the evening hours, or through difficult weather conditions like fog, you will have better visibility, and you will also have enhanced safety as others on the road will be able to see you more clearly as well. The only thing that’s not included with the E-Trolley that would be helpful for commuting and travelling is a rear rack, or a place to store your water bottle. If these things are important to you, you will need to buy the add-ons separately to the E-Trolley.

If you are a person that has a commute with some bumpy roads, the E-Trolley will help you be more comfortable on your commute. First of all, the E-Trolley has slightly larger and softer tires that will help absorb more shock, and it also has seat post suspension, padded grips, and a padded saddle to ensure that you are as comfortable as you can be. Also, the E-Trolley reaches top speeds at around 15-17 mph, and for other models this could increase instability and shakiness, but the E-Trolley keeps its balance quite well. An added bonus is that it is incredibly easy to fold the bike and store it, which comes in handy if you are dealing with a small storage area in your home, office, or alternate location like a RV or boat.

The motor on the E-trolley is at 250 Watts, which is slightly smaller than competing electric bikes that are offering 350 Watts or even 500 Watts. Another disadvantage of the E-Trolley is that it weighs in at around 50 pounds, which is partially due to its steel frame. Yet users didn’t seem to think that the weight affected the performance, power, or acceleration of the E-Trolley. The battery on the E-Trolley is a 36-volt Lithium ion battery, which is known to be of good quality and long-lasting. You are able to choose if you want the battery to be 10 amp hour or 8.8 amp hour. The version of the bike that comes with the 8.8 amp hour battery translated into less power and speed, so the one with 10 amp hour would be the preferred model. The battery locks to the frame, and doesn’t require the key to be in for the bike to run, which is a fabulous feature (other similar models require this, and it can be quite inconvenient). On the battery itself there’s a LED light that shows the power level, a charging port, and an on and off switch. To extend the life  of your battery as much as possible, it’s good to avoid very hot and very cold conditions. Also, if you end up not using the E-Trolley for a few months, it’s a good idea to keep the battery charged at around half-level to avoid aggravating the cells inside the battery. This is an especially good idea if you keep the E-Trolley in a location other than your home, like in a summer cottage or on a boat.

On the Standard model of the E-Trolley, you have a more basic LED console, which will indicate your charge level, let you turn lights on and off, and manipulate the three levels of assist mode. On the Pro model, however, you have a few more options for your display. The display on the Pro will show you the battery charge level, indicated with 6 different bars. The display also shows speed, assist level, and throttle mode as well, which can easily override assist level. Some users noted that when using pedal assist or throttle mode, the motor would take longer to kick in and out, but this delay could be easily solved by using the brakes, which were very responsive. Users also noted that this delay could be applied to both the Standard and Pro model, thus there wasn’t much of a superior difference for the Pro model in this respect.

As the E-Trolley is a budget foldable electric bike, there are going to be some aspects of it that can’t compete with more premium models that use all of the higher-end parts to create a light-weight and powerful e-bike. However, you can still achieve higher speeds with the E-Trolley without losing out on stability, which is a definite plus. And although it is quite heavy, compared to other models the E-Trolley is incredibly easy to stow away, and you can wheel it to your desired storage area. This method of folding means that you don’t need to carry it, thus straining yourself less. So if you are looking for a modest yet powerful electric bike that is easy to stow away, the E-Trolley would be a fantastic choice.

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