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SSR Motorsports Trail Viper Review

If you’re ready to take the plunge and to buy an electric bike that is also foldable, there are plenty of options available to suit any preferences you might have. However, quite a few e-bikes available aren’t necessarily suitable for taking them off-road. If you live or vacation in an area where there are dirt trails, you’ll need an e-bike that can withstand the bumpiness that dirt roads can have. Thankfully, there is the Ebike by SSR Motorsports that promises it can go anywhere, including dirt trails and of course, city roads. The Ebike has fat tires that offer support for heavier weights, and also with reduce the shock you feel when riding rough roads or trails. The Ebike’s frame is also solid and will help you feel in control off-road. Another great thing about the Ebike is that it has smaller wheels, which makes it easier to fold and to store the bike. Just think, if you have a cottage, RV, or boat where storage is extremely limited, you would want a bike that can be accommodated by a small space, and this is what the Ebike offers.

If you’re a taller person, or if you prefer to adjust the seat so you fit on the bike the way you want, you’re in luck. The Ebike has an adjustable telescoping stem (where you can also adjust the angle), and a quick release seat collar as well. These types of options on the bike will help you offer you the greatest amount of comfort, which is helpful for long rides especially. The one thing that could be a bit irritating is that you need to remove the seat post in order to access the battery. Luckily, you are able to charge the battery when it’s off the bike (or while it’s on), which will eliminate 6 pounds of the bike’s weight, making it more convenient to carry it around. Alongside easy battery pack removal, there is a quick release mechanism for the front wheel, which is helpful if you need to remove it for repairs or cleaning, or if you just want to remove some of the weight. A similar mechanism also works for the rear wheel, which traditionally can be the harder of the two wheels to remove, so this is an added bonus for the Ebike.

The Ebike is powered by a 350 Watt motor, which is better compared to some competitors that opt for a 250 Watt motor. The combination of the motor with the smaller wheel size of the bike means that it produces a mechanical advantage that allows the bike to have more power and leverage, especially when going up hills. The brake system on the Ebike has mechanical disc brakes, and both brakes include a motor inhibitor switch, which is imperative to have if the bike is in pedal assist mode, and you want to return to normal settings. The brake system isn’t as good as a hydraulic system, but they are cheaper and easier to repair, which keeps the Ebike at a reasonable price of only $1,399. And if the price wasn’t good enough, there’s also a comprehensive one-year warranty, which means that it includes everything about the bike (therefore the battery doesn’t have a separate warranty which is very common).

Once you have the Ebike in your possession, or you’re just taking it out for a test ride, you will want to turn it on by turning the key to the “on” position on the battery pack and then pressing on the “on” button on the control panel as well. Unlike other e-bikes that only use LED lights to signify things like speed or pedal assist, the Ebike has a fabulous LCD display that gives vital information while you’re cycling. As a default, the display shows battery level, assist level, and speed. You can also look into the advance settings on the display if you would like to learn more about your cycling. From the display you can turn on pedal assist or throttle mode, and if you accidentally turn on throttle mode, there’s a handy red button on the right that will turn it off. Also, if you’re riding at night and need to turn on the lights, you can do this from the display as well.

The Ebike is the perfect electric foldable bike for those that are wary of other models. Because of its design, the Ebike is very comfortable and stable to ride compared to other foldable models. The frame is built to last as it’s made of steel, and will be a great accompaniment for cycling on trails outside of the city. The Ebike also includes a fabulous amount of add-ons so you don’t need to buy them later. So if you’re debating about a comfortable electric bike that is also convenient and foldable, then let the Ebike be your answer.

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