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A2B Kuo+ Review

The Kuo+ is an updated version of the Kuo that came out in 2013, and it seems that although it costs more money than the previous model, the extra dollars are worth it. A2B is a company that launched their first electric bike in 2008, and has since expanded their products to include the Kuo+ that is easy to stow since it is foldable. If you have a small apartment or perhaps even a RV or boat, and you would like to keep a bike inside, the Kuo+ would be the perfect fit for you. Not only is it collapsible and can fit into small spaces, but it is lighter than the average full-size bike, and even lighter than comparable foldable e-bikes. The lightness of the bike will also help you if you are a commuter, and you take the last leg of your commute on the train or bus. When it’s time to transition from cycling to going on public transit, the bike will easily fold, and you won’t need to break into a sweat while carrying it around. When you fold the bike, it will stay that way because of the innovative quick release hinges that lock, so you won’t have to worry about the bike becoming unfolded while carrying it. The hinges are accompanied by some magnetic discs that also work to keep it in a folded shape. Not only that, but you can even lower the weight of the Kuo+ by five more pounds if you remove the battery. 

The motor on the Kuo+ is relatively small at 250 Watts, which helps to keep the weight of the bike down. However, many of the newer electric bikes on the market are using 350 Watt motors, so some may be disappointed that this model doesn’t come with a more powerful motor. Users noted that the motor operates mostly quietly, which is a plus if you prefer to take bike rides in peace and quiet. Another aspect of newer electric bikes is that many of them have a quick release option for front and rear wheels, which is beneficial for easy repair and cleaning. Yet the Kuo+ doesn’t have this option yet either. However, the tires are of high-quality and have puncture protection, as well as reflective stripes to keep you safe. The reflector work in conjunction with lights to notify others on the road of your presence, thus keeping you safe as can be. Also, the Kuo+ comes in three different colors: black, white, and silver. If you would still like some added security alongside the reflective stripes and lights, opting for the two lighter colors would give you even more visibility, and thus more safety.

A2B was able to take the previous Kuo and upgrade the battery to 36 volts on the Kuo+, which improves the power performance on the bike; always a bonus for cyclists. The battery pack uses Lithium-ions, which is known for being long-lasting, lightweight, and of very high-quality. The battery is placed behind the seat tube, so it is out of the way and it will be protected in case of crash or a similar incident. Users stated the battery was easy to remove, and it can be charged while it’s on the bike or separately. This is major time saver, as some e-bikes don’t allow you to charge the battery separately from the bike, so you would need to haul the whole bike next to an outlet in order to charge the battery.

Once you have charged the battery and placed it in its correct position, you will need to press a switch on the pack before the main display can be operated. On the main LCD display, you can press the on/off button to access different readouts like speed, battery level, range, and assist level. Having a LCD display is advantageous, and still not the norm for every electric bicycle out there, as some signify battery level readouts with little LED lights that aren’t as accurate, and could leave room for more error. Once you have read the information you need on the display, you can press a button labeled “i” that will show you even more readouts, and from this point you can manipulate certain things like pedal assist. You can also instigate the throttle mode if you are on pedal assist, and the power with throttle mode increases for each increase in pedal assist.

At $1,699 you are definitely getting great value with the Kuo+, as it has improved upon the previous model by leaps and bounds, including more powerful LED lights for safety and full-length fenders for protection. The Kuo+ also comes from a reputable company, that has had experience in the market for electric bikes, and they have created a great collapsible model from this experience. If you are searching for an electric bike that has been tried and tested, and will guarantee a positive cycling experience, this is the e-bike for you.

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