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Pedego Latch Review

Some of the electric bikes on the market that are also foldable can be very small in size, and you may wonder if they would be sturdy enough to support your weight, frame, and protect you if you are riding on bumpy roads. However, there are electric and foldable bikes on the market that will help support you more, and the Pedego Latch bicycle is one of them. The Latch has a solid design, as it has a double-tube frame design, as well as an adjustable seat and stem. These adjustable parts are incredibly helpful, especially if there are two or more people using the same bike, as it can be adjusted to meet each person’s height and riding preferences. Not only that, but the design of the bike takes into consideration your optimal comfort. So many other bikes offer minimal comfort with an awful seat, which can prevent you from going on longer rides. However, the Latch is designed with the bottom bracket shifted so that you can sit more relaxed, as well as giving more room for your legs. Also, the seat post is extra long compared to other bikes, and will thus help accommodate a range of cyclists and their body types and sizes.

Another fabulous feature of the Latch is that there’s a special mechanism to keep the bike from becoming unfolded, which is great when you have limited storage space, and the bike needs to be maintained within that space. The unfolding process also does not rely on any screws, so you don’t have to be afraid of losing anything in the process of unfolding. Also, the Latch comes with some extras such as bungee cords included with the rack. Many other bicycles would not include the bungee cords, and you would find yourself down the line needing to buy them. That’s what makes the Latch so great; it is created for function to make your life easier once it comes into your possession.

Although the Latch comes with a hefty price tag (at about $2,600), it is because the bike includes so many high-quality parts, as well as a three-year warranty, which is a fabulous offer compared to other similar bikes. The Latch is also heavier than other electric bikes because of its sturdy built and battery size (you have the option of buying the Latch with a larger battery if you prefer), but heavier isn’t always a negative thing. As stated before, extra weight in the bike can keep you more stable, especially if you are riding on roads that are a bit rough. Another feature that may deter some people is the fact that the Latch has limited pedal speeds as it only has three gears. This is of course better than a single-speed bicycle, but other similar bikes may have up six or seven gears. However, the gearing system that the Latch uses is of high-quality, and it stays cleaner and requires less maintenance over time. If you are still unsure about committing to the Latch, an option is to take a test ride before purchasing to solidify your decision.

If you happen to cycle in the evening hours or if you cycle in an area where there’s varying amounts of traffic, it is especially handy to have some extra help in staying safe. To keep you protected, the Latch has integrated LED lights as well as reflective tires. These features are great to notify other cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers of where you are, as well as help yourself navigate with better clarity. Also, anytime that you cycle you face the elements of the weather and the road, and a great way to keep dirt and water off your person is having fenders on your bike. The Latch has full-length plastic fenders with a durable design, and it has a custom-made chain guard that will keep you clean from an oiled chain.

If you are fond of technological extras that help you keep track of anything you can think of, then the Latch has what you’re looking for. The bike has a LCD screen that shows your battery level, speed (which maxes between 15.5 and 17 mph), as well as assist level. Another great feature is a USB port located on the base where you can charge your phone or MP3 player, a fabulous way to keep your device charged while on the road. Also, it was noted by people that tested the bike that although the motor is at 250 Watts (compared to other, newer models that may have 350 Watts), the Latch still performed very well

If you’re looking for an electric and foldable bicycle that still feels like a full-size bike by offering great support and stability, then the Pedego Latch e-bike may be the best fit for you. Not only that, but with purchasing the Latch you are also investing in high-quality parts and accessories that will last you for a good amount of time.

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