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Tern Link D8 Review

It is always advantageous when two companies that are known for producing high-quality materials team up together to create a stellar product. In this case, Tern and BionX have used their individual expertise to form a foldable e-bike that is both powerful and desirable. If you are searching for the best collapsible electric bike, you may have come across some models that have some decent aspects, and then aspects that have much to be improved on. But the Link D8 minimizes any room for error by taking the best aspects of both manufacturers. For example, the driving system (which includes the motor and the battery) is from BionX, and within the system is a motor with 350 Watts, and it runs incredibly powerfully and is surprisingly quiet as well. The motor is also very resistant to wear and tear, which is convenient if you’re doing some travelling away from main urban roads. And just like BionX, Tern is able to specialize on the Link D8 by creating a frame that is super compact when it folds. The wheels on the Link D8 are smaller (at 20 inches), and therefore result in this e-bike being easier to fold, and also lighter to carry.

There are two features not usually offered on electric bicycles that are included on the Link D8, and they are regenerative braking and regen modes. The regen modes work to help you recapture energy and slow down when going down hills, as this will help you put less pressure on your brakes. Not only will you assist your brakes by cycling in a regen mode, but you will also help preserve your battery, especially if you’re anticipating a long ride. Also, this feature can be used if you would like to work on your fitness, and there are no hills to climb or major variances in the elevation. There are also eight pedaling speeds available, which is quite substantial. Many other electric bikes that are foldable offer a smaller amount of pedaling speeds in order to keep the bike small. However, the Link D8 is able to offer the astounding eight, which will help you maintain greater pedaling efficiency than on a bike that has fewer speeds, or a bike that is single-speed. Perhaps an even better feature of the Link D8 is that it also has a trigger throttle which you can use to operate in throttle mode. This is very beneficial for the cyclist that is rushing off to work or an appointment, climbing up a massive hill, battling against heavy winds, or just generally tired. For your safety, the throttle mode can only be activated when you’re riding over 2 mph, but it is a major feature that will definitely come in handy from time to time.

Besides the motor, one of the most important components of an electric bike is the battery. Fortunately, the other quality parts of the Link D8 means that the battery is also of high-quality, as well as highly durable. BionX produces the Lithium-ion battery pack, and it also uses Panasonic cells. The battery contains 48 volts, which is definitely above average, and as a result, there are several benefits that come with this type of battery. For one, you are getting better climbing power, and also more efficient energy transferring. The battery weighs in at about 6 pounds, and adds to the total weight of the bike to be 42 pounds. The total weight makes it so it isn’t the lightest foldable e-bike on the market, but it is also far from being heavy. If you desire the bike to be lighter when carrying it around, feel free to remove the battery to assist you. Also, the rear rack and fenders on the bike offer a huge convenience, but they also add a bit of extra weight. If they’re not necessary while you cycle, feel free to remove them as well for less weight.

The control panel on an e-bike can always be a point of contention, as some don’t offer all of the readings you might desire to see. However, on the Link D8 there is a fabulous screen that is backlit for easier viewing, and it is also removable. To the left side of the screen there are two buttons, and two on the right that can be used to show information before, while, and after cycling. You also have a button pad located near the right handlebar which can be used to show information as well. The trigger throttle is located with the button pad, so once you reach 2 mph while cycling, it is easy to then manipulate the throttle mode if you desire to. The grips are also comfortably ergonomic and there’s an easy-to-use gear shifter at the right handlebar as well.

Conclusively, if you decide to purchase the Link D8, you are receiving a foldable e-bike that is of top-quality, and designed with significant care. The manufacturers also worked hard for the bike to be intuitively understood and comfortable to ride, so if you are buying your first e-bike this would be a great choice.

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