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If you are looking at purchasing an electric bike that is also collapsible, you will notice that most of what is available are ebikes that have smaller frames and wheels than your average full-size bicycle. This also means that some of the folding e-bikes are more difficult and less stable to take somewhere other than a paved road. However, thanks to the larger tires and the disc brakes that are made for use on various terrains, you have the ability to take a folding e-bike on trails outside of the city. The Volt Sport isn’t the lightest folding electric bike on the market (at 45 pounds), but as the frame is rigid and the weight well-balanced, the weight of the bike will help keep you more stable on rougher paths. And if the weight is still bothersome when you’re carrying it around, feel free to remove the battery, and that will shave 5 pounds off the bike’s total weight. The removable battery also makes it more convenient to charge, rather than needing to take the entire bike next to the outlet to charge the battery.

If you’re hoping for some extra accessories to come with the Volt Sport, it unfortunately does not have some of the common accessories like fenders, lights, or a rear rack. Of course, these can all be purchased separately, but at the price of $2,599, you would think that the Volt Sport would come with these common add-ons. It also does not come with a suspension fork, which is helpful for absorbing the shock of bumpier roads (although the larger tires help in this respect), However, the Volt Sport has some other great qualities, like eight pedaling speeds. This is definitely above-average for folding electric bikes, and is a great way to maximize pedaling efficiency. The Volt Sport also has ergonomic grips, which can help relieve some of the strain on your arms and wrists from cycling. Also, the Volt Sport has a well-designed folding mechanism, where you can still wheel it around when it is folded, perfect for placing it in a storage space at home or work. When it’s folded, it also stays in position, and it doesn’t need bungee cords or magnets to keep it folded together.

The motor on the Volt Sport is geared and has 350 Watts, and it is also lightweight and thin. The motor works in conjunction with the four pedal assist modes, and provides excellent climbing power for hills, as well as power to cycle against heavy winds and other tumultuous weather conditions. Even more amazingly, the motor is relatively quiet, making it a godsend for the cyclist that prefers back roads and pathways for the tranquility. Another big bonus is that the Volt Sport is covered by a two-year comprehensive warranty, meaning even the motor and the battery are covered for that amount of time. The company also sells replacement parts, so beyond the first two years, you have the option of sustaining good cycling on the Volt Sport. The battery itself has 36 volts and 9 amp hours (and the replacement batteries have the capacity for 12 amp hours). The battery is quite average in terms of power, but users noted that the motor and battery together have quite a powerful output. The battery uses Lithium ion chemistry, which is known for being long-lasting and lightweight. Therefore you know that when you buy the Volt Sport, you are also getting high-quality parts from every section, ensuring you are getting a great folding e-bike.

To operate the Volt Sport, you can control almost everything with the LCD computer console. It is extremely easy to use, and you can still operate it when you are cycling. Also, it is completely removable, so if you are parked in a public place, you can take it with you so that no one has the ability to touch it or tamper with it. From the LCD display you can also see the readouts for speed, odometer, battery capacity, and assist level. The Volt Sport also has a twist throttle located on the right handlebar. When you’re using the throttle mode, you can reach speeds of about 20 mph, but if you’re using pedal assist, you can actually reach an astounding 25 mph! This means that if you are in a hurry to work, to a meeting, or you just generally want to go fast, you are able to do so even more efficiently than other e-bike models.

As mentioned before, the Volt Sport may not include every accessory you are used to, but it has so much more to make up for a lack of fenders and a rear rack. The driving system is impeccable and you can reach top speeds at a constant stability. If you’re interested in a folding e-bike that is well-designed and built to last, then purchasing the Volt Sport may be the right choice for you.

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