30*30cm Motorcycle Bicycle Cargo Net
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30*30cm Motorcycle Bicycle Cargo Net




Motorcycle Bicycle Cargo Net

One of the biggest issues facing many individuals who enjoy riding e-bikes or other bikes is how to properly secure items while you ride. Whether you utilize an e-bike, a small motorcycle, or even a traditional bicycle, having a way to safely secure things as you ride is an essential part of being able to utilize your ebike to its fullest potential. This is why individuals should strongly consider getting the Vingtank motorcycle - bicycle cargo net elastic luggage rope. The motorcycle - bicycle cargo net elastic rope is a great way to affix large or somewhat bulkier items to your vehicle.

Perhaps you want to ride up in the mountains and don't want to have to carry a backpack on your back; with the bicycle cargo net elastic luggage rope, you'll easily be able to secure backpacks, a helmet, or other bulky items to your bike. It features six sturdy hooks which allow it to anchor itself to nearly any part of the frame. This 30 by 30 centimeter cargo net is a great way to be able to travel in comfort, safety, and improve your cargo carrying capacity whether you utilize a motorcycle, an ebike, a traditional bike, or any other small vehicle. “Sponsored by Ness Electric Bikes".

Material Type:

Elastic rope, metal

Brand Name:


Type: Seat Back Bag
Type: Motorcycle Cargo Net
Quantity: 1 pc
Item Color: Black
Size: 30*30cm / 12*12" (L*W)
Net Weight: 0.125kg / 4.4oz
Package: 1*Motorcycle Cargo Net

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