XXF 160psi High Pressure Bicycle Floor Pump
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XXF 160psi High Pressure Bicycle Floor Pump




XXF 160 PSI high pressure bicycle floor pump

People who love their e-bikes or traditional bikes know the importance of proper tire inflation for safety and for the comfort of your ride. In addition, a good sturdy bicycle pump is not only a must-have accessory for anyone who is serious about biking and who wants to be able to inflate their tires again but it is also a great potential safety device. This is particularly true if you are biking deep in the mountains or in an area where it may be difficult to get to a convenient air fill station.

This is why the XXF 160 PSI high pressure bicycle floor pump is great for any individual wanting a solid and reliable pump for their bicycles. The XXF 160 PSI high pressure electric bikes floor pump is a lightweight and portable pump making it easy to take and carry anywhere. However, despite its lightweight construction, it is made of a heavy-duty PVC material and a strong durable frame. It is able to fill tires up to a maximum of 160 PSI and it is made to be able to inflate the tires of nearly every traditional bicycle and e-bike on the market today.

It was especially designed to optimize airflow with every pump so you feel little resistance when pumping. With its lightweight construction and its sturdy build you never need to worry about a flat on the trail again. You can ebike as far and as fast as you like, and carrying this plus a bicycle tire repair kit will help ensure that every ride is not only fun and comfortable but also safe. “Sponsored by Ness Electric Bikes".

You'll find this to be one of the best electric bicycle accessory purchases you'll make.

Lightweight and portable accessory for your bike.
Made of PVC material durable frame.
High pressure to a maximum of 160psi.
Specifically designed to optimize air flow with every pump which means minimum resistance when pumping.
Fit for F/V(French valve) and A/V(American valve) ebikes.
Foot type pump with hose and pressure gauge.
You can use this pump to inflate the bike tire from flat during emergencies repair.

Material: PVC
Maximum pressure: 11bar / 160psi
Shrink length: 60cm / 23.6in
Extend length: 99cm / 40.0in
Item weight: 803g / 28.3oz
Package weight: 828g / 29.2oz
Package size: 25 * 12 * 60cm / 9.8 * 4.7 * 23.6in

Package List:
1 * Bike Pump

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