GUB Bicycle Helmet Ultralight
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GUB Bicycle Helmet Ultralight




GUB Bicycle Helmet Ultralight

Bicyclists are serious about their safety and so is Gub. Gub makes some of the best bicycle helmets for ebikes, mountain ebikes and traditional bicyclists alike. One of their best helmets is the Gub ultralight cycling helmet. This cycling helmet features many unique innovations that help riders be able to see better as well as maintain comfort and safety. Like all helmets, these are made to the highest standards of quality to ensure safety and protection for the operator in case of an accident. These helmets are designed to significantly cushion any head injuries and come in a variety of bright colors, as well as more mundane ones, to help improve visibility for vehicles or individuals who may not see a biker coming.

Another one of the great features of this particular helmet is its built-in visor to help give the bicycle operator greater vision in the sun. Having a visor built into the helmet is a great way for the bicyclist to be able to be more aware of their own surroundings in addition to helping protect their vision. With large holes to help give great ventilation for hot heads during bike rides, this helmet is a fantastic addition for any individual serious about ebikes, traditional biking, and mountain biking safety. "Sponsored by Ness Electric Bikes"

Brand Name: GUB
Model Number: Bicycle Helmet
Size: 56-61cm
Material: EPS
Certification: CE
Type: Integrally-molded Helmet
Age Group: (Adults) Men
Air Vents: 8 - 15
Weight (g): 274

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