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New Triangle Bicycle Cycling Bike Bag

For those who are serious about their mountain biking, they know the importance of being able to take a few supplies along with you. This is even truer if you're an individual who enjoys mountain biking with an electric bicycle. Electric bikes can take you further afield than you have ever been before, deeper into the mountains where supplies, assistance, or even simple repairs can become potentially survival situations. With all this in mind, it is always essential to carry a few necessities along with you. However, it is often times when we leave a backpack or other things behind thinking we are out for a short ride or simply don't need them that things occur and are the times we need these essentials the most.

That is why Yanho designed the simple and elegant triangle bicycle bag. This triangular shaped bicycle bag is designed to fit within the frame of your bike and attach with easy Velcro straps that can be adjusted and slid anywhere. One of the many things which afflict bicyclists besides the lack of having materials is oftentimes not being able to easily access them. Even if you have a backpack with you, it is a hassle while riding to be able to reach and grab things that you may need like an extra battery, headphones, or maybe even a granola bar. However, with the Yanho triangular bag, access is easy even while you are riding. Its convenient mount which fits into the tripod frame of your mountain ebike helps ensure that you can conveniently reach and access things that you may want to have during your ride without having to stop. As mentioned earlier it is also a great safety feature to potentially keep some important supplies like a bicycle repair kit or a spare cell phone battery inside just in case of emergencies. "Sponsored by Ness Electric Bikes"

Type of sports: Fitness
Brand Name: MOJOYCE
Material: Nylon
Capacity: 20-35L
Color: Black

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