Rich bit | 250W 36V | RT-618 | Mini Folding eBike
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Rich bit | 250W 36V | RT-618 | Mini Folding eBike

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Rich bit | 250W 36V | RT-618 | Mini Folding eBike

Do you want a lightweight and compact bicycle frame all while enjoying the ability to easily store it away nearly anywhere? If so, then you need to look no further than the Richbit New ebike. The Richbit New ebike is an exceptionally powerful ebike for its size and although it is small and compact, do not let its size deceive you as this vehicle is easily capable of traveling on one charge anywhere between 18 and 37 miles. This is often a surprise to individuals who think that ebikes are chronically under-powered but the truth is, with its powerful lithium battery, this bike is stout and built to last.


One of the unique features that makes this ebike special and separates it from other bikes in its class is that this is a folding ebike. That means that it can easily be folded and stored away nearly anywhere. Unlike other fixed frame bicycles that require a mount if your vehicle is not large enough to hold it, the Richbit New ebike can fold up inside nearly any vehicle comfortably. This makes it exceptionally portable as well as versatile. With the Richbit New ebike, you can drive to another city or any location for that matter and then simply unfold it and be ready to go. The New is definitely one of the best ebikes available. "Sponsored by Ness Electric Bikes"


Power Supply: Lithium Battery
Voltage: 36V
Max Speed: <30km/h
Motor: Brushless
Model Number: RT-618
Foldable: Yes
Style: Mini Type
Brand Name: RICHBIT
Range per Power: 31 - 60 km
Rated Passenger Capacity: One Seat
Wheel Size: 14"
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Wattage: 200 - 250w

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