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Samsung Cell Lithium-Ion Battery




36V 13Ah Samsung Cell Lithium-Ion Battery

Type 36V13Ah Lithium Battery Pack
1. Basic Characteristics
Weight ≤ 3.3kg
Dimension(D*H) 85*75*420mm
Working temperature Charge Temperature -20~70°C
Discharge Temperature -20~70°C
Retention of charge (store in one month) ≥95%
2. Technical Data
Rated Voltage 42V
Rated Capacity C1 13Ah
Battery Resistance 40mΩ
Charge Way of Charge AC to DC
Standard Charge Current 3A
Max Charge Current 5A
Max Charge Voltage 42.5V
Cell OverCharge Protection Voltage 42.5V
Discharge Standard Discharge Current 10A
Max Discharge Current ≤12A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 29.5V
Cell Overdischarge Protection Voltage 28.5V
Ratio Discharge 1C >96%C1
2C >93%C1
3C >90%C1
Cycle Life ≥ 1000 Cycles

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