Extra Sporty Soft Pad Saddle Seat
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Extra Sporty Soft Pad Saddle Seat




Over-sized comfort bike seat replacement saddle

As serious bikers know, comfort is an important part of being able to have a long and successful ebike ride. This is even truer if you are an ebiker who enjoys getting deep into the wilderness or traveling dozens of miles on the open roads. So whether you enjoy electric bicycles or traditional bicycles, one of the most important comfort features of any bike is the bike seat. The over-sized comfort bike seat replacement saddle is a fantastic choice for bikes of any kind. With its soft absorbing padding, it'll help make every ride smoother and with the wide saddle it gives greater support as you sit.


One of the other great benefits of this particular seat is that it is a universal fit for both exercise and outdoor bikes. This means whether you utilize an exercise bike, a racing bike, a town bike or a mountain bike, the over-sized comfort bike seat replacement bike seat saddle will fit nearly every electric bike. Not only is it a universal in fit for exercising bikes and outdoor bikes but its unisex design means that it will go great both for men and women. No matter where you choose to ride, the over-sized comfort bike seat saddle is a huge boost to the comfort of your rides. “Sponsored by Ness Electric Bikes".

A easy ebike saddle will do a great favor to your bicycling. Are you seeking for a high-quality and cost-effective bicycle saddle? Just look at this Tiny Stripe Texture Thickened Ebike Saddle. Made of waterproof PU, steel and PU materials, this e-bike saddle is wear-proof and durable, thus it can be used for a long time. Considerate and exquisite design can prevent your buttock from pains. Besides, the saddle is so ultra-light that it is easy to install: just disassemble the broken saddle and then attach this one to the seat post and adjust the height of the saddle. Don't be hesitant if you are fond of it!

1. New and in a good condition
2. Designed with buttock protection and wear proof
3. It is so soft and comfortable that it will make your riding experience much wonderful
4. Comfortable, wear-resistant and durable
5. A good replacement for your bicycle
6. With stripes pattern on the saddle for stylish look
7. Suitable for mountain bikes, electro mobiles, and folding trolley etc.


1. Material: Waterproof PU & Steel & Plastic
2. Dimensions: (9.84 x 7.87 x 2.36)"" / (25 x 20 x 6)cm (L x W x H)
3. Color: Black
4. Weight: 25.57oz / 725g
5. Application: Mountain Bike,Ebike,Electrombile


Package Includes:
1 x Bicycle Saddle"

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